Skin Care 101: Five Tips to Get You Glowing!

Skin Care 101: Five Tips to Get You Glowing!

Skin Care 101: Five Tips to Get You Glowing!

The thing with skin care and beauty routines is that most people know the end result they desire but they have no clue as to how to go about it. Some people don’t even know that skin care goes beyond bathing and rubbing creams.

Listed here, are 5 rules you should abide by to get that glowing skin you desire.

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1. Exfoliate

You have probably heard this term before. Anyone who cares about their skin has this on their routine. Exfoliation basically means removing dead skin cells from the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliating gets your face moisturized, keeps it healthy and prevents break outs. Here’s how it works; when you let old skin cells pile up on your skin surface it makes it look dull, rough and dry. The build up of this dead skin cells can also result in excess oil and clogged pores both of which encourage blemishes and acne.  So the first step to smooth healthy looking skin is exfoliation. You can buy already made and packaged exfoliating scrubs from stores or you can go DIY on it. Two of the simplest recipes for exfoliation are Honey & Tumeric Powder and/or Coconut oil & White sugar.

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2. Go natural

Most people spend so much on creams that contain harsh chemicals all in a bid to look good. What they don’t realise is that natural products do twice what chemical creams do and they have zero side effects unlike creams. Here’s how to test run this fact; switch your cream with Shea butter and coconut oil and your bathing soap with unrefined black soap or better still Dudu Osun soap. You’ll see the difference in two weeks!

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3. Research

Yes, researching about skin care is a thing. You should learn to incorporate it in your quest for knowledge too. Go on the internet and learn about what you should be doing to your skin to keep it healthy. Most people would rather rely on hearsay than search for actual facts relating to how best to care for skin. Don’t be one of them. How do you get to know so much about what to do or not to do? By researching.

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4. Eat Healthy

What you put in your mouth reflects on your skin and hair. If your skin does not look good then it means you have not been eating good stuff. And hold one, by good stuff I don’t mean expensive foods. I mean healthy foods, vegetables, carrots, cucumbers and all. Learn to eat a significant amount of fruits every day. One of the fruits that have the most benefits for skin is carrots. At the very least try to munch on carrots twice daily.

5. Let it breathe

If you are a makeup junkie then give your skin a break sometimes. You mustn’t wear make up every day of the week. Go on a break sometimes so your skin can breathe.

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