Social Media in frenzy following the loss of D’banj’s son

Social media is in a mad frenzy over the death of celebrity musician D’banj’s 1-year-old son who drowns in their private pool

From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook to blogs to WhatsApp to anything that has to do with social media, that is what is discussed


As usual with any preventable tragedy, people are apportioning blames being that D’banj was literally warned about that pool a short while ago 


While others are attacking the ‘insensitive’ ones for daring to do such when the parents are in mourning


For team ‘blame apportionment’, Facebook celeb Temi Dayo vented

“Infanticide exists as a form of homicide for a reason.

When a child is killed, it’s parents and the rest of society is bereaved. They are however NOT victims. The child IS the victim of a wrongful death – from accident, murder, manslaughter…anything that is unnatural, and so untoward,

When a child drowns in a pool, whether indoor, outdoor or anywhere, the supervising adult – nanny, parent, sibling, indeed any caregiver into whose charge the tot was entrusted at the point in time, X, when that child met with the tragic accident – should be vigorously questioned.


Whether these questions come as blaming or passing inquiry is beside the point.

For a child to drown even in a tub, some adult had to have been negligent. There is no time boundary on negligence. That the adult turned away for ”just a split second” does not negate this fact.

That the parents or caregivers of a child victim may already feel deeply guilty and could be self-flagellating over a given tragedy is not a tenable cop out.

Your ”parental empathy” plea is to put it quite kindly, just nonsense. That you have been negligent with a child at some time and yet emerged lucky does not mitigate the definition of negligence.

A pool is not an ordinary venue for a toddler. It is a high caution area. The carers of a small child should be on ultra high alert when they have a child around a body of water in which that child could get water into its nostrils


Someone dropped the ball here.Someone has to be told that they could have done much better. Someone needs to know just how to make sure calamity does not visit a second time.


And then again, any negligence has to be investigated for type. Sometimes neglect of a dependent minor, even parental neglect is actually criminal, and calls for some redress, depending on the existing legislation where it occurred.


My heart goes out to the parents of the victim. I hope for their sake, that they find a way to wade through the maelstrom of emotions this unspeakable tragedy would most probably bring on. I hope they do not blame themselves so much that they break and turn on the bond which keeps their relationship.

I hope they come through this stronger, wiser and more informed from adversity.


Protesting at the questioning of the circumstances of this incident though is just silly.

When a 3-year old child drowned in a water vat that was placed in the toilet at her low-cost school in Benin, everyone called for the head f he class ‘rminder’ and her teacher.

The issue was this: You should not ever leave a child unattended around any amount of water that could enter the child’s nostrils and by this, its lungs.Not for a split second.Not for any length of time whatsoever.


So what’s different here? The celebrity status of D;Banj? Why the empathy policing?

I have seen at least 12 posts calling for the heads of those who are ”questioning/blaming” the parents of the victim here. I have not seen any single post to which this collective outrage refers.

Celebrity or not, the facts remain the same. Someone was negligent and so this child drowned. Parentage does not erase the fact of this tragedy. Someone was negligent, and so this child drowned.

This child shouldn’t have drowned.


I am sure that if the bereaved couple came out to blame one of their staff of negligence, most of those becoming the colour of puce from bawling about ”lack empathy” from society would immediately agree that the staff should be investigated and punished.


So parentage is now immunity from examination, or what?  

Someone – an adult – was supposed to be with this child, watching it (assuming it was so important for the child to be at the pool to begin with). Someone had to watch that this child did not have its face in the water in a situation which could not be terminated in a split second.


This, Someone, dropped the ball.

It is natural to ask just how and why this happened. Let society be better educated about child safety at least.

If that ”someone”happens to be the parent of the child, then so be it.

The term, ”Parental Neglect”, just like ”infanticide” exists for good reason.”


A lot of people agreed with her and shared their views 



For team empathy, sub-king Hymar Idibie David fumed “You people should kindly keep quiet, please.  It is insensitive to start talking about a parent’s supposed carelessness when they just fucking lost their child!  What is wrong with you?


Even people who have never babysit toddlers are giving an opinion.  Who asked you, mumu?


If you have been around toddlers long enough,  you will know all it takes is for you to blink twice and they will disappear.


Shut up already, by force tragedy prevention experts.”


His team members also lent their voices too 


I honestly dunno what to say, like it beats me hands down. This tragedy is so sad, I pray they find the fortitude they need to overcome this huge loss😭☹😢

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