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I was on my own, doing my usual roaming with my Asiri gods, looking for Asiri to carry wholesale when my eyes came across something and I said no be only me go see this one. My people una suppose see this one with me abeg, shebi I told una some people have finally lost it on this space? The other day it was some troll with a fake account ranting and calling her names, today na one Oga anyi weh no sabi wetin be mind your business.


Zee Ibrahim wrote (with screenshots of one time actress Stella Damascus’s replied to haters hating on her and her ‘snatched’ le boo on Instagram) “Waste of space on social media and data is what I call these women who carries someone’s problem on their head. Stella Damasus has been with this guy now for so long and yet they are hating. She said it right, they need emotional and financial help.


You must really be insane to sit down and say because she did this and that, then you won’t love her anymore loll., like your love for her counts to anywhere. That blue thick next to her name sef, these women hating can’t compete to meet up to that and yet they are crying on top iranu..

Face your own problems, face it and stop wasting your time on ridiculousness like this. Husband snatcher. I  can’t believe there those with fish brain that still live in that. Are you kidding me?? Stella is doing well and yet you are wasting your data and time like this.

If you are one of those that act stupidly like this, you need a brain reset. Spend your time wisely. I don’t know maybe the man is bread ni oo or chocolate bar that he was snatched. Smh..

Good day everyone..”

That was all she posted o and from nowhere, one controversial ogbeni like that Bamidele Daniel, decided to show himself. In a fistful of cries,, he wailed “Zee Ibrahim….how can i be surprise at your post, you sure look like someone who would do same thing….take away another womans husband. Stella has no manners imagine the pride and arrogance in her response, insulting those ladies.

One thing for sure…..she is the one who needs help.”

Zee full of class, calmly replied him “And you are so right.. loll I will do so.. do you want to be snatched like candy??

By the way, you can rant all you can.. it won’t change anything” (well asked! Maybe na zobo drink he be weh dem dey snatch?)

The uncle resorted “Its only a morally bankrupt man that can be snatched like candy not me….the more reason stellas fomer inlaws never liked her, i guess the saw that trait in her.” (Oh, you know now right?)

Zee told him “you need to go drink cold soda or beer so you can feel better ooo this man.. loll”

People as shocked as I was about the unnecessary outburst, lent their voices. Olufunke Fasunon asked him “How can a man be snatched?  Is he a moron?  It is an insult to the man who remarries to say his current wife snatched him oh…  ???… You all need help…  Stella should enjoy…  Snatch ko Steal ni..  Even a man concurs?”

Zee replied her “Olufunke Fasunon , ????

@is he a moron. loll”

Shebi this Oga suppose at least carry sense comot from there, rather he oponurized kpata kpata “Olufunke and Zee…..Most women will go any length just to take another woman’s husband and in this case she knew he was someone else husband yet she threw morals into gutter and went ahead to marry him.”

Zee trolled him “Bamidele Daniel you must really be feeling cool with yourself now.. loll.. I am guess it’s your man ego that’s stepping in for you now.


Most women will go any length to snatch someone else’s husband.. ???”

Olufunke chipped in “

See. All these women that fight side chics no get work. Any human being on earth likes new things, why do women keep a million shoes. Face fact, for reasons best known to both of you, your man got tired and went after a new love interest.  Any man that is truly snatched is ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’. How can they snatch a full grown human being?  How?  Is he demented? Please tell that to the marines. If you don’t want something you don’t want it or else you are a baby in adult skin.”

Jenifer Adaeze cautioned the unkle “Bamidele Daniel: your comment is sooooo wrong.”

The uncle no even look the cautioning, he lamented “No man can be snatched if i agree with you but she owe herself a moral obligation to reject such relationship knowing the man was married to someone she knows and a professional friend.” (you no face the ‘yoghurt’ weh get snatched, na the woman you come dey blame. Mtschew)

Zee fired at him “Bamidele Daniel she owes herself, she owes you shit. take it to the bank to get paid then break your head.

Una no dey tire to carry another person load?? Na wao..

Don’t worry no one will snatch you loll.. your wife is probably the only one that can snatch and ‘re-snatch’ you.. I honestly don’t think anyone wants to help her. ??”

Reuby Kel a Chineke sombori came and said the obvious “Bamidele Daniel from your comments so far i don’t even know btw you and Zee who is the man and who is the woman?? Is that not so pathetic… This is purely women issue and you have no business anywhere close to it, just read and move…. How many of these ladies do you know personally…? You fall hand jare” (Lmao?)

Kese Anita told him “Bamidele Daniel I think you need to be snatched. Jennifer Adaeze he just need to wake up one day and realize that he’s been snatched korokoro.” (Nobody go gree snatch that one biko?)

Michael Gboyega Ilasanmi called him out “Bamidele Daniel oga are you for real? When did you become some moral police? I see these types of judgmental statements as trash and will leave them for LAWMA”

Thank God, he got served, some people no get single courtesy for their life. Hopefully he learns and quit being a judgmental ike mbe ?


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