Are you always Aaron when it comes to trending gists? To dey carry las las for spiritual things of amebo be your thing? Worry no more, asiri is here to make you feel better???
Yesterday was hot! Effing hot actually and my antenna ‘heyes and hears’ have been wakaring upandan (mbok no blame me, I gats keep you satisfied naa??)
Controversial feminist Nkechi Bianze made a post about submission of wife to the husband(you know say na im be the in thing for Nigerian men) she said “I don’t need a man as my head. I’ve got a good head on my neck, and I won’t be needing two.
If and when I get married, my husband will NOT be my head, he will be my partner. In cases where one of us has to lead, he will only lead if he is more intelligent than I am, or more knowledgeable and skilled to handle such situation better. Definitely not because he has a penis and I don’t.
Which means that I will take the lead in situations where I’m more skilled or more knowledgeable to handle, or if I happen to be more intelligent than he is.
Whenever people tell me things like “you will be too proud and pompous to submit”, I resist the urge to give them a hot slap on the face.
Who told these people that I believe in submission?
Submission is on same league with slavery. That was your Bible sugarcoating male dominance, and making it appear sweet.
Fuck submission!!!
Ghen ghen!!!???
Anti-feminist Association of Facebook and Correctors Association of Facebook were not having any of it and they made sure they registered their displeasure
Geoffrey Joseph O Amah for the Submission team commented “The head in any institution on earth is not mostly the smartest. It’s an assigned position. The Queen of England is not the most Brilliant,  but it’s her assigned position.  The head of State may not be the best leader available,  but is the assigned position.
In a home,  man is the head, not because the man is always the best,  but it’s an assigned role,  assigned by He who made them male and female”.
Another AFAF member Emmanuel Ojadonor said “Unsubmissive women in marriages tend not to have a romantic relationship. Their marriages tend to be so so boring with nothing spicing it up, like something just there like some of the marriages we see around these days, a water- down kinda”
Both were met with heavy stiff objections from Nkechi’s Supporters fan club
Akaninyene Bernard Ubom for the CAF made a counter post on his wall saying. “You cannot wish away submission in any union, partnership, marriage or relationship. Men and women who chant ‘I cannot be submissive to my wife/hubby/lover’, either do not exactly know what submission means, or they are simply deluded with their twisted feminist and patriarchal ideologies. Submission means, ‘to yield or give way to another’. Submission is not slavery, as many are wont to paint it. It does not make you any less the hubby or wife or lover that you are. Neither does it reduce you or depreciate your value.
Submission is simply what it is, a lubricant of success/progress in every marriage/relationship. Nothing would ever work in any relationship or marriage if at every point in time, one party does not yield(submit) to the other. Every decision would go either the man’s way or the woman’s, never both ways. Where it goes the woman’s way and the man sees reasons with her own decision and allows it stand, the man has invariably yielded(submitted) to the woman and vice versa.
Your wife wants to buy a Mercedes Benz and you advise her to rather go for a Toyota, for reasons of fuel consumption and low cost of maintenance. If she sees reasons with you and eventually goes for a Toyota, she has submitted to your germane advice. Also, if Oga wants to eat Oha soup and madam and the kids prefer Affang (don’t forget that Affang remains the king of soups, lol) where Oga decides that since the majority prefer Affang, then Affang should be cooked, Oga has yielded (submitted) to the choices of madam and the kids. That is the way it works.
Did I tell He used to crush on Nkechi? In fact, he used to be a major shareholder in  her supporters’ fans club until…..(gist for another day???) they sha unfriended each other???
Nkechi is yet to reply her former crushee, but be rest assured, once she does, Asiri will deliver it HOT to you???
Till next time, ka odikwanu! ???
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