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DiaryOfaNinjaLawyer – This country is hard as it is. We pay for services and seldom get our monies worth. Poor products and services everywhere with shitty customer services; from banks to pay TV, airlines to telecom, the story is the same. But I have just discovered something more evil about these service providers; it is indeed the Zenith of witchcraft: they make mistakes in their service provision and somehow make you pay for their mistakes.

Two weeks ago, I was to travel on a certain day but later decided not to. I called Airpeace customer care to reschedule my return ticket. It was done. I got new dates but the same route. I was told to pay N4, 800 because of fare change this and that. I said ok. I was told to make the payment in 24hours. I said ok.

When I hung up, I checked online and saw that my flight dates have changed on the itinerary. Good. I immediately tried to pay online but it wasn’t working. I tried several times that day to no avail.

I relaxed. After all I have twenty-fours which will expire by 11:00am the following day.

In the morning, by 7:00am, I went online to pay and found out that my flight details were no longer on the online itinerary. I called them immediately. And super story started.

That my flight details aren’t on the itinerary because the computer logged me out.

Did my flight revert to the old dates?

No. It’s still the new dates you changed it to sir.

So what is going to happen now?

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Sir, the fare for those dates you changed it to has increased. You will have to pay the difference.

How much?

N19, 500 sir.

Do you know that thunder is still on duty?

Excuse me sir?

I said I can’t pay that kind of money.

I’m sorry sir. It’s the computer that logged you out.

But you told me I have 24hrs to make the payment of N4, 800. How can the computer log me out when 24hrs have not finished?

I’m sorry sir, it’s the computer…

See, stop this computer, computer thing… Where is this computer?

It’s here sir.


Right here sir.

In your office?

Yes sir.

It is your computer. It’s in your office. How is it my fault that the computer in your office misbehaved?

I’m sorry sir…

I can’t pay that money. So what are we going to do?

Sir, if we move your departure date to a day or so ahead you will have to pay just the N4, 800.



Ok. Change it to that date.

That’s how my flight date was changed again and I had to reschedule my appointments, costing me a lot.

You will think the case is closed. I thought so too.

I went to their office at Transcorp to pay the N4, 800 since the online payment still wasn’t working. At the payment point I was told to pay another N3, 000 for no show.

No show?

Yes sir.

But I didn’t miss my flight.


Wait. Is your computer showing you that I changed my flight before this new date?

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Yes sir. But you didn’t get to pay on time and the computer logged out and entered no show for you?

Enter no show for me after changing the dates? The same computer is showing that the dates were indeed changed and still marking me for no show for a date that it has changed? Does that even make sense? Who the heck does the computer think it is to be logging me out anyhow when I was still within time to pay and and then asking me to pay for no show?

I’m sorry sir but the computer…

Don’t worry. Take the 3k. But when I’m done with you guys in court, you will beg thunder to fire that computer.

Please wait sir let me talk to my boss.

He went into an inner room and came back to tell me that she said nothing can be done, it’s the computer…

Don’t worry bros, give me my ticket and tell your computer I will be back.

I went for my trip, came back and started drafting court processes to sue Airpeace. The court process is now ready. And truly I feel a sense of utmost duty doing this.

Maybe 3k is nothing. Maybe I can easily afford it. But what of others? How long should we continue to suffer poor services? And now they are even asking us to pay for their mistakes. For Godsakes, I don’t know their computer, I don’t operate their computer and shouldn’t be made to pay for the mistakes of their computer. It’s not right. It’s not fair. It’s not just.

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Some of these service providers treat us shabbily in this country because they know we have an attitude of “leaving things for God”, they treat us like this because they know our justice system is slow and we can’t wait it out. But we need to stand up and demand to be treated right. We need to take these guys up in court and wait it out.

Well, I will wait it out in court with Airpeace on this one. I will. I’m asking the court for my 3k plus damages. Maybe, because of this case, next time they will treat you and your money with the respect you deserve. In the end, even if all I will achieve is to make them hire another lawyer for more than 3k, I must have achieved something for my learned colleague somewhere that I don’t know.

By the way I miss you guys a lot. I have been off social media (except whatsapp) for over 3 months now. I came in today and saw that you guys are still running things steady. Some interior decor have changed small in here sha. 😄 It’s good to be back.

CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS: Federal and state laws protecting the rights of consumers from the dangers associated with fraudulent, unsafe and unscrupulous practices by merchants and inferior, dangerous, deceptively advertised goods and services.

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