The Blast between Fadilat and Henry

Asiri lovers, get in here fast fast! Who else don buy Iron Helmet and Body Armor? Una never buy am eeh? Ok naa, don’t worry. When chill less bazookas and thunders weh dey fly upandan in this zone, you go realize say ‘on your own’ is just not a sentence?

Like we all know, it’s a War week between Biafrans (Igbos only),  former Biafrans (South Southerns) and other Amebotic Nigerians weh no fit practice jumpanpass for wetin no concern them?

Fadilat Idris (I am confused about her ethnicityen?) Chairlady, Association of Wailing Wailers gave one senseless (yeah he is, soo uncouth even?) Pro Biafran boy like that insulted her, an epic clapback of laive! Na from Ifeyinwa China Onyeabo their quarrel begin cause of minorities kiniko

She wrote “she could be a mixed child of a whoring mother. Speaking of mothers, Fadilat Idris…. Henry Nwankwo


Mee:At least I wasn’t picked from a baby factory racket nor I am the product of an agreement where your mother married a woman because your father died miserably without a son,so the arrangee bride your mother got pregnant for you from any of her numerous lovers.” (Ewoo???)

Her team members were hailing her, Emmanuel Amekwe Lawan hailed her ” What a good response” Fadilat replied him “From am not Biafra to am a whore”

Malik Shabbaz hailed her “Fadilat Idris I like you like that. Make e go hug transformer”

Aisha J Saidu lamented “Sad is it by force we must like Biafra anway mum na ur friends just becos u had a diff idea u HV turn enemy a friend call me DAT hungry dey catch her no movt”

Fadilat replied her “The good ones know nothing change

my affinity towards them. They understand this about my destiny and that of the generation unborn. It’s also about my choice which everyone is entitled to and nothing beyond that Aisha J Saidu”

IamUgen Blessing vented ” Me think lots of these brats needs lessons on social media etiquettes! They’re just turning things upside down!! Exactly! If I have to accept a kid’s f’request, I must be sure to know u offline, I can’t coman have my kids age insult or be exchanging words with me!! Kids that I can feed both their parents and them. I can’t deal mbok!!!!” (Oga kamdan fes, you never hear say social media na leveler? Go feed your village pipus fes?)


Other hailers cum sympathizers lent their voices as well


Then the fuurich boy Henry (thats giving Biafrans bad name by the way?) instead of wakaring away with his head bowed down in shame, rather ranted “For you to make this post, and also comment on my response, shows that I hit a mark. As for me, I’m having fun. Keep it coming old hag (okwa ihu bikonu?)

Fadilat fired back at him “Hahaha, mark just portraying your inherent stupidity b4 I block your ass off. An hold hag that could bring out your stupidity is sure better than your arrangee momma” (okwa unu ahula otu these baby factories in the East be giving us bad names eh kwa?)

Full of controversy with head up high in his anus, Henry lashed out “Bitch please, don’t feel so full of yourself because a few idiots on your list liked and commented on that post? You bring out my stupidity? Bitch you can’t even say where you’re from. Why are you hiding your origin? Could it be that you aren’t so sure of it? Old hag”

He still continued “I’ll block you first btw” and well, they came for his ass (please insert their screen shot here)


I give up! Let me comean be going, this zone is not my own mehn??



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