how to go about polyandry

Mehn! Zuckerboy’s Arena was super flaming yesterday, as in Asiri lovers Asiri no sabi where she go start from eeh. It was in fact a wonderful for Asiri cause as I was roaming about, gods of Asiri were blessing me with juicy gists. Chayee?


We go everly start gisting these gists somewhere so make i kuku start with my feminist sister (rolls heyez at anyone that we yimu me?) Bukola Afolabi Ogunyenye. Mami was on faya! And yours truly automatically turned into a cheer leader (in my head before dem vexper people block me o. Very very bad for Asiri business?)


She wrote ”

Married men, you see ehn, if you have it at the back of your mind that no man is attracted to your wife due to reasons you have made up “in your head” –  be it cos she has kids, she is fat, she is this, she is that, you are a huge joke!


I laugh when I hear people addressing women that if they are not careful, ladies out there will snatch their husband. It is an error to think there are no men who are very willing to snatch a married woman. Why do we sound like something of value has left a married woman or something have depreciated about her?


Some men will be shocked if they know the kind of pressure their wives are going through out there. Married women face so much pressure from men. It is a blunder to assume that a married woman will automatically stay with her husband ‘cos she is married, no matter how she is treated, there is no where she can go to, no man will want her, she has birthed kids, she is fat, blablabla. What type of mindset is that? It is actually insulting ‘cos it means a woman can’t thrive without a man so she has to stay with a man who is treating her badly. One man’s poison is another man’s meat.


If a married man can change wife why do we think a married woman can’t change husband? Some will say, husband is scarce out there. (oko won lode) I use to laugh seriously ‘cos that is what some women have imbibed, we can’t blame them sha, getting that husband they married was as a result of many “climbing of mountains” for several fasting and prayers for a “saviour” to appear in their lives.


I can say it without mincing words that good men are readily available for women who know their value.


Sometime ago, I was at the Salon, those days I still visited salon constantly before I went the “Rastafarian way”. Some women were talking (gossiping) and the topic was about a woman who left her husband after 5 kids to go marry another man. Trust women, even though I am very sure they are miserable in their own marriages, they started insulting the woman. They said after five kids? What is she looking for again?


I was boiling on my seat but I don’t join any form of discussion unless you specifically ask for my opinion. I just silently prayed they get done with my hair and I leave the place.  I was still boiling at the nonsense they were saying when someone of sound mind joined the conversation. She said – Why should the woman not leave the man? A man who maltreated her, beat her, slept around and didn’t take care of his family? Why won’t she go where she is being cherished?

OMG! see jubilation on my seat, that at last, a sane person was talking.

I also know about a woman who was over 50 years old with five children at the time she left her bad husband to marry another man. Wait for this…. a very single man. She went further to shock bad belle people when she gave birth to a set of twins for her husband. One man’s poison is another man’s meat.

Married men, if you neglect your wife, you rubbish her, you don’t treat her like the jewel she is, you think you are the “happening specie” who has every lady out there at his beck and call even though your penis is already “withered” anhow to go about polyandryd the side chics are laughing behind you while they massage your ego in your presence, you will not respect yourself and let the woman at home cover your shame for you, you will go and be disgracing yourself upandan with ladies who gather themselves together and laugh you to scorn.


Open your ears, Women don’t have issues with changing husbands, the fact that they are with you doesn’t mean they don’t have men coming for them. They are only being committed to their marital vows not that they can’t dump you. They will dump you for a man who will spoil them rotten so much that even if she wants to go to the toilet, it is a private jet that would fly her there. #straightface


how to go about polyandryThe nonsense some of you think that a woman should worship you ‘cos there are ladies out there who are so willing to snatch you as you are the “master of the Universe” would make you learn the very hard way. You will cry. The world doesn’t begin and end at your feet o, you men.

That is what I have to tell you.

I as a woman, I can never stay with a man who is not responsible and committed to me. When I am not crazy! “Emi fine girl”. Mo ma dan do jo ale ni.(I will shine forever)

You may decide to carry the post on your head like gala and say you want to come and comment that I am encouraging adultery or whatever. No wahala. You are welcome, but you will tell me whether it is by force to be on my friends list. Me who is even gonna unfriend 2,000 people here very soon. But that is a post for another day.”

how to go about polyandryAsiri lovers, can una believe out of 281 comments not even one person disagreed? As in for this Zuckerville weh we dey so person post such making sense thing, nobody displayed any pedantic stuff, nobody ranted anyhow, all man just respect im nyash just dey concur? What a serious wawu!

Na like that e dey till Uduak Ukem, an active vibrant feminist shared it on her wall and vum ‘ndi agamevu’ that vowed to display wereh even where unnecessary decided to show their left blokos

Log Down Ukem with no ‚waka pass‘ in his dictionary commented “Issorite, till u marry! “And dem babes clamped down on his hard! Utibeimabasi Adikan asked him “Which one is till you marry again?

Biko She’s married. “Andrea Michaels fired at him“ She is very married…. Truth hurts ugh? “

Log resorted“ The point is know who u marry… don’t rush into it, most ladies rush a lot .“ when he saw no one was buying the crap he is chanting, he diverted and collected the ’honourable‘ cap of our laye Minister(you know who it is…I no talk anything o?) he lied “Am not making reference to Uduak Ukem, but till one marry the wrong person before u understand this write up fully.“ Obiefule Amarachukwu wasn’t gonna let him off with the gigantic lie, she yabbed him“ Lol story for the gods. That wasn’t what you meant,and you know it“ (savage!?) Uduak cajoled him“ Marriage the ultimate achievement. You don’t know jack until you are married!“ (na una fit this unculu o??)

Peero Forjustice Esua with his busy body on every post typed one h-extra long thing and chilless women of my generation pieces am kia kia. He wrote “Well, true in a way but in as much as I dont encourage married men to misbehave, our women folks should be able to discern that most of the attractions of a married woman to a man is not for keep, most men, majority of whom are single do it for material reasons.

Most of them outside the canal knowledge, get a lot of monetary benefit from such women. Moreover, trying to retaliate adultery does not portray godliness, what if the man decides to go hardwire especially those ones who still believe in African tradition which allows polygamy (marriage to many wives)? The African tradition does not allow polyandry (marriage to many husbands), it is even a taboo in African tradition.

Besides, any woman who wants to compete in the act of adultery with her man  rather than praying to God to bring her man back should know that  a man at 70+ years of age can still reproduce but this is rare  with a sixty year old woman, and a man at 80 is still moderately sexually strong but not so with  a 70 year old  woman let alone an 80 year-old .What we need to counsel men about is self-discipline and God’s intervention, not competition to outwit each other .“ Mavis Ishanqueen attacked him“ If you don’t have something sensible to say, keep quiet abeg.“

Khadijah Alali O-Ansah cautioned him, “Please, please! Can we just read and get the point of a post? What has this post got to do with retaliation of adultery? “

Obiefule Amarachukwu finished him, “ Since no one wants to say it, I will. You see the crap you wrote up there? Yes ☝ there? It is an insult to shit. Even shit would be offended.“ (This babe eeh, chayee??) and our only but one grammarian Temidayo buried him with pidgin“ Abeg make one pesin sorry dis one click “like” for him long useless comment nah. E no easy to be village champion philosopher, come dey write long rubbish for Facebook joor. Una no get hooman feelings?

Make una say “Gbam!” abeg nau.“

They kept showing themselves there o, flexing muscle anyhow but i trust Uduak and other women, they matched them fire for fire and  yours truly was there, grabbing all the gists, jumping and clapping and liking them making sense  comments  (no look me one kain, I no fit epp myself abeg?)

As usual Asiri is a go… the next happening place fa?

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