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Asiri lovers! Make una somersault come inside here fas fas, it’s about to go down in this zone. A Facebooker and a core feminist Nneka Obani is in a very foul mood today and is threatening fire and brimstone! Ghen Ghen somtin is about going down!


She posted “I’m about to display the names, phone numbers and pictures of a christian woman that entered into a contribution with myself and others, she was the first person to be paid and when it was time to pay me she blocked me on Facebook and stopped taking my calls. An older lady for that matter trying to steal from me,in two hours I shall be displaying all the information I have about her, stealing and criminality in all its forms must be discouraged.”


People were gingering her to post to post like say they truly care, me I know say na Amebo dey hungry dem shaa?


Chief ‘Gingerer’ Mercy More chanted “Jeez.

I am cringed reading this.

Why wait to drop her details in two hours time.

Drop the necessary info now.isusu money

A petty thief she is.


Henry Neydu shouted “Ghen, ghen! E don happen! Today na today, please post it, she must pay your due money.”

Frances Obani asked her “Y d delay,,, my dear post her name…. Tym no de joor”


Chiji Nk come use style to take the gist when e never ripe, she commented “I can’t wait. If she is in abuja we will get to the bottom of this” Nneka replied her “Heard she lives in Kaduna” and she asked “What’s her name?” (Hanty easy o, allow gist to mature naa?). Nneka didn’t bother to answer her shaa?


Other ‘chanters’ came to egg her on kwa (insert screenshot 1 here)


Another Facebooker came and shared his concern with the whole virtual isusu kiniko and association of virtual isusu contributors came and educated him, dey no even wan take chances before the guy man pour sand sand inside their garri?


Well her anger is over justified and I can’t wait for her to post it make I knack una the Tori?

And NO I no be amebo anything?

Na my work I just dey do so?


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One Thought to “The Mess in Isusu contributions | Nneka Laments”

  1. Somtoo

    Yes ooo! Na your WERK!
    Make them sha publish names ooo, No be to only ginger! All these foreplay and no sex no make sense!

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