The Sack of Mr. Immanuel Ifediata

It went down on king of sarcasm Charles Uzor’s wall yesterday, as in he took his sarcasm to a whole new level and people wan kee themselves put for the post.

Remember Immanuel Ifediata, the secondary school Teacher that’s telling men on his wall to leave Slay Queen and Instagram Celebs and go catch young and naive girls for easier management? Rumor has it that he has been sacked finally o and there have been a serious uproar on Facebook


In the wake of that, Oga Charley wrote ”

I’m sad he lost his job, if this news is anything to go by. I really am. However, I wish he gets a job tending cattle in a secluded ranch, far, far away from school age girls.”

People were having a good laugh, asking him why he is like that, some were defending the ‘animal’ rights even?


Olufunke Fasunon commented “So long as he is far from teenage girls, he can have any job under the skies”


Uloma Lilian Maduabuchi asked “Are the cattle safe with him?

Where are the animal rights activists?” Charles replied her “Feminists have done their bit ma’am. It’s up to the animal rights activists now.” (Savage??)


Francisca Nkem Nwadibe commented “There are just something’s you should never ever post as a teacher. This should be the lesson learnt. Eyes will always be on him now.”


Deb Babatunde asked “I thought they said it’s only ‘Facebook noise’. Dem never start. I’m not happy he lost his job too. He will find another job where young girls are not involved. He can groom the cattles if he likes.”


As usual, Association of people that saw no wrong in what Immanuel did came and started throwing tantrums upandan but guess what, Oga Charley and his fans/friends get their time wella


Shedrach Kalu Uka told Charly “Clap for your selves Charles… We online e-warrior feminist have won this one. The world is now a better place!” When Nwafor Chijioke asked him “Sayyyy what?” He resorted “I mean everyone who canvassed for this guy to loose his joy should feel gratified now. Felt like giving Charles a dose of his sarcasm!

Why does our society prey on the week and vulnerable.

Our own President openly said a woman’s place is in the other room and know body…non of this soon called feminist called for his Resignation!

Dino openly threatened to rape and impregnate a sitting Senator and non of u had the balls to call for his Recall! Mind u…don’t misunderstood me…this guy was wrong…he might be a mysoginist but u certainly cannot beyond reasonable doubt prove he is a pedophile!

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He had been corrected…and similar sentiments rebutted by the uproar it generated!

But to call for his Sack….is Inhuman!!!

Argue with Your Consciences!”


Charles replied him “Dino threatened to rape an adult. Dino was criticised. It was up to his constituency to sack him. The adult who was Dino’s rape target did that not any action. The world moves on.”


Radwan Hamoud posted a link and said “Emmanuel Macron first met his wife, then 40, when he was her 15-year-old pupil. Should we care? Mr Doctor, why not comment on this? Immanuel Ifediata should sue his employers”

Oga Charley replied him “So you think posting the news of one victim of Nazi concentration camps who turned out alright will make me change my views about the Holocaust?”


Bello Kabir Kehinde commented “Congratulations  Charles Uzor, I hope you and yours are satisfied to  have destroyed a person’s career for the same thing you all do everyday. The Chicken always comes home to roost.” Charles replied him “I have never found a beautiful female patient sexually appealing. Try something different sire.” Bello resorted “He didn’t say that too. You guys really have a heck of an imagination. You helped destroy this guy for comments you try to force on him. It takes just an innocent post for everything to go bad.”

Charles schooled him “Nazis never used the word, “genocide” to describe their actions against Jewish people.”

Jen Ebere told him “Oga Bello Kabir Kehinde stop trying to defend or excuse a ballant call for mass paedophilia against secondary school children. You sound like a paedophile too. I’m glad he was sacked. I hope he goes to jail if it is confirmed he has actually  had sex with a minor.”

Jewel Chika Okparaeke told him “Bello Kabir Kehinde you’re a suspect whalahi” and he resorted “And Jewel Chika Okparaeke, don’t mess with me.” And she asked him “Or what will happen?”

Eleazu Franklin concurred with Bello “We are not talking about sex.

Men being sexually attracted to students some of which are their own pupils, is nothing short of disgusting and could have so many ramifications.


One of which is he may not be thinking what u guys are accusing him of. It may be one of those innocent unguarded comments.

What if he was suspended while investigation continues? We just live in a wicked world” and Bello told him “That’s just it Eleazu Franklin Scurty Ifeanyi, pure wickedness.”

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Wasiu Wahab lashed out “God will punish all of you for making that guy look bad.” Charles ahaha-Sachey asked him “The same God that wants “his people” to kill everyone but only save the virgins, huh?

They same God that okays slavery huh?

He must be deluded.

This is 2017, he should punish himself”


Ucheoma Chisorom Nwogu chanted “This is not fair, at all!!” And Charley replied her “Is it fair for adults to keep an eye on secondary school girls, and to like one of them enough to want to marry them just after they conclude WAEC exams. Probably? But at least from my post, you should deduce that I do not want Mr. Immanuel jobless.”

Chukwu Chinazaekpere Abigail also replied her “He only wants him with the cattle…Hehehhehee”

Ucheoma resorted “Same way it was fair for someone I know to keep an eye on very much older men(not married men oo). She has never crushed on any male less than 15years her senior, and it has been so since her teenage years oo. She’s married now, her husband is over 20years older than her. To her, younger men who gave her like 1-10years behave like babies. To me, Master Immanuel suggested something, he may not even marry someone that younger than him. The guys who like can subscribe to it. The ones who prefer older women can also do as they like. Women have no concern in this. Our part is to groom our girls not to be ‘naive’. I have read the post over and again, I saw nothing that would point to Immanuel being a peadophile or having the tendency to be one. Yes, he had made some very poor posts on religion and women and he was being planned for. He is suffering for his past sins because on this particular post, he is innocent-teacher or not. Truly speaking, I had this my male teacher I crushed on and wished I could marry, I wished he would wait for me, but he married one of the female teachers. It is fair to admire, that is where the post reached. Bringing sex into it and calling him a peadophile, etc is not fair.” (Chisos! Ishi nini ??)

Unyime Samson replied her “A lady typed this…I’m speechless” Ansa Okoroafor told Unyime “Unyime Samson I have been open mouthed in shock at a lot of responses I’ve read on this post; BY WOMEN. The day we stop joking about every single thing in this country is the day we make progress. Let everyone know that when they open their mouth to spew rubbish they will pay for it. When they make impressionable sentences on social media they will pay, when they have been put in a place of trust they should guide it jealously. We as a people are too careless with our ways. How it irks me when I see an adult calling a child my wife. How it irritates me when I read a write-up or report of a minor (minor here being  4) raped repeatedly by her teacher. Is this not how it starts. How dare he make a joke about such a serious thing. We need to sit up and fish them all out. Check out statistics and it will amaZe you the percentage of girl child indeed even boys molested daily. I could fill a book on this. Let me not get started”

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Nnamani Paul Pinnacle lamented “Innocent guy just got punished for nothing……

Holier than thou monsters think they have succeeded….”

Chigozie Gentle commented “I think you guys pushed this thing too far. Personally, I see nothing wrong with what the guy posted. It doesn’t in any way depict him as a paedophile.” And Charley asked him “Would you trust a female teacher with your little boy if she seriously said she liked him and would probably wish to marry him as soon as he clocked 18?”

Unyime Samuel asked Samson “Chigozie Gentle you see nothing wrong in a TEACHER calling for men to go LIKING and PROPOSING  to 14-16yr olds cos they are NAIVE and LOYAL? Dosent that disgust you? How do you propose marriage to a girl youre not sexually attracted to? Average age girls leave school is 14-16yrs….if you’re OK with that age being LIKED then you’re obviously seeing this whole scene from the perspective of a man smirking his lips at the prospects of ravaging a teenager!”

Cynthia Chisom commented with a screenshot of all dem curses Immanuel was cursing that day and wrote “Going by this…. ‘if I am a paedophile, let me not be promoted in my work, let my work be taken away from me’. Well, I think we should safely say  #Godidit. Goodnight everybody. Who are we to question God? ??” (Chayee?)


Well from all the defense, I can comfortably say that many Nigerians don’t know the gravity of what Immanuel mouthed off that day (I think it was probably for likes, comments and 2secs popularity) unfortunately it has cost him his job. I pray he learns though, I pray




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