The Story of the Chibok Girls

Hmmmm, I dunno whether na scam or not, insensitive or nah, Asiri’s own na to report the gist as e take appen o. Who remembers Chibok girls saga? Apparently over the weekend, 82 of them girls were released all looking fresh and fleshy (no be me talk am o) 

H-anty May Ubeku has this to say about it(with pictures of the released  girls attached)“Chibok girls looking fresher than me who wasn’t kidnapped to Sambisa forest. None was malnourished after 3 years of abduction. None we were told died of starvation, harsh weather conditions, infections or Boko haram hostility. NONE!

Some of the soldiers who where on mission to rescue them died of thirst, hunger and boko haram bullets but the people they went to rescue weren’t affected by any of these conditions. In fact, they were actually in Boko haram fattening room.

82 girls… Clothes intact…. It shows Shekau also makes clothes for them. Wow!

Who is this Shekau that has all the resources to take care 300 girls for 1000 days…. Feeding them daily???

There was a conspiracy!!”

People were concurring and bashing the APC government for scamming Nigerians

Cynthia Thome Obi-Odioko commented “Some people are well nourished when kept in the forest and that was the case of the Chibok girls”

King Machi Igwe said “That shekau must be a nice guy.”

Chukwuemeka Chukwuemeka commented “A fore-gone conclusion! And so, Lady Patience wept! There’s God ooooooo!!!”

Felicia Yisua “Shame on this government.  Shame. Since Buhari will be away for a long time they need to give their  mumufied followers what to feed on in his long absence. Shame”

Akpodhoma Mike Mikoko asked “So na all dis girls with full ace, back and front dis Boko Haram boys dey wipe for that forest since….Now I won to become a Boko wiper”

Henry Amobi said “Tales by moonlight.”

Edwin Patrick said “I still believe all this na scam”

Chinaecherem observed “Continue talking about chibok girls…..your President is about to disappear again. They want chibok girl issue keep us busy so that we won’t ask questions.”

Nawti Churchill Pucci commented “Girls that were putting on hijab/burka in Shekau’s video,how come they now wearing hitarget,Akosombo, and Ase-oke? Lol……I swear those are Zahra’s clothes”

Ada M Okwum said “They have succeeded in giving us something to keep us busy. While they vamus to London”

Stanley Obire declared “If this is wat is Kald abduction or kidnapping. Boko Haram come and carry me. Mudu of rice(8 cup) is N600, if Shekau can feed 300 then am Jst a bonus”

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Nma Fred said “If I say it’s a scam, some people will say that I am insensitive”

Godwin Ogeki commented “Yea, very good looking rescued, sorry, released Chibok girls. All Tnx to the very innovative APC Administration. Great job! Pray they extend that same dexterity to the handling of the economy for the mutual good n wellbeing of us all.”

As people were concurring, others not finding it funny were attacking them, one of them attackers, Adunola Toyin commented “You all that is dropping dumb and silly comments about the kidnapped girls are deadly dumb sick! Infact you are the most foolish generation of Youths that’ll ever exist as most of you reason from ur anus! You have absolutely dash…… I mean empty space to fill in the gap of ur miserable lives! And i see the reason why our Fathers are scared of leaving the sensitive position of TOMORROW LEADERS in ur hands…. this explains the sole reason why they keep to the leadership powers all this while! How many times would i tell you that TERRORIST are not PAUPERS….THEY ARE NOT WRETCHED……. that they are well sponsored and funded mostly by the International communities? How many times would i explain to you that BOKOHARAM are not NIGERIAN TERRORIST alone…. that they have KNIGHTS, TECHNICIANS & ALLIES from other neighboring countries like MALI, NIGER REPUBLIC, CAMEROUN etc….. huh? honestly……. I see no bright future for dis country called NIGERIA with the likes of you good 4 nothing YOUTHS turned ZOMBIES! Or should i say i see no responsible, wise and intelligent future leaders who are going to govern our upcoming Kids/Children in you after the demise of our present OLD leaders! It’s better you teenagers and youths wake up from being senseless NOW!…. Or you risk being thrown into slavery….. not by the COLONIAL MASTERS dis time again but by Ghanaian, Zimbabwe and South African small masters ONE MORE TIME!” This earned her several replies, Olugbade Olumuyiwa Marcus insulted her “So despite your education and grammar Toyin you can be this fool”

Alex Aka asked her “Is it that u can’t express yourself without all these tirades or are u simply incapable of decent comment.  What’s wrong with them expressing doubts about a shady deal.  Please,  if your husband’s wife got u angry,  don’t vent yourself here.”

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Chukwnonso Ezekoli insulted her “U are the most demented whore ever seen.. A whore who does nt know her right from left. Pls will advice u to make use of ur senses cos even a goat think and reason effectively than u do. Only a fool will see  black and call it white. Only a lunatic will pass through school bt never allow school pass through her.. May u continue to be slave to those evil leader using ur future and that of ur unborn child. In France yesterday a young man of 39 won presidential election and here a nonentity is singing praises of incompetent government of blood sucking jihadist called buhari… Hw on earth will someone who think with her senses believe that Sambisa forest which the guvmnt told us was where these girls was kept and has been ransack bombed and reduced to nothing is still the same place these imps who cnt express their miserable life with good English come out from even when they are to write physics exam before they where kidnapped…believing this mockery of our intelligence means ur brain is full of akamu and alomo   bitters.”(erm Oga, you don’t need to call her a whore shaa)

Adunola fired back at Chukwnonso Ezekoli for calling her a whore, she said “Chukwnonso Ezekoli the woman who gave to a bastard like you is a whore! Cos the type of comments u drop here on my post tells me the group of breeds u belong to #Oloriawonoponu….. that’s why u idiots would keep agitating for nonsense and ur frustrated Fathers would be like…. HELL! are you sure dat boy is mine……? a DNA test needs to come into play! only if you know what ur miserable future holds for u.”

Maobee Okoro Chimaobi asked her “I thought Buhari said he has cleared sambisa Forrest, so where are the girls coming from? All of us can not be fooled at once.

Adunola Toyin, you suck!”

Chigozie Nwachukwu oponurized “I didn’t know the teacher or lecturer that blended and tutored this idiotic toyin, maybe she graduated from Toronto or unimaid, am sorry for the man that kept her at home if she not a divorcee”(efi, so dem dey keep woman for house? What if she is not married nko? Mtschew)

Theophilus Cornerstone Okonofua told her “I really do not know your point, probably for or against this post. Pls clarify. Are you saying you are not clearly aware the issues raised by this post? And that we may have been fooled as youths?

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How can youths take on leadership in a nation where falsehood pervades in high places?”

Pdp Ikire Ekiti Chapter wanted to tribalize the whole thing “Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with our Yoruba brother and Sisters, they are so gullible” but Theophilus called him to order “It’s not a tribe issue, pls. Gullibility isn’t tribal. It’s personal. This is not a case of gullible. It’s a case of personal conviction. A case of deifying the person of PMB. Your deity can’t be wrong! That’s the position here. In order to preserve your deity, you can even go nuts. Some don’t spare going nuts to protect the PMB deity in them.” (Well said!)

Ekugbe Onajite Humphrey another attacker/unbeliever in the conspiracy kini commented “if Jesus were to come today I bet you many lot of the Nigerian fold will still be in deepest part of the womb of unbelief. The Nigerian poplace have been so decieved that even now the truth is a lie and no matter how hard u try to convince them I i assure u it is all an aimless effort. APC never started the “lie” of the disapperance  of the 273 chibok girls remember?” (Ayam not hunderstanding, wetin concern Bro J for this thing now? Hian!)

Chigozie Obialor replied him “The APC government operates on secrecy,bureaucracy,lies and cover ups…..I think the story is true but the distrust for the government has made it hard to believe.”

Alex Aka asked him “Says who? Was it not part of the grand plan to make the country ungovernable? Do u remember d incident,  how it happened?  The terrorists took everyone but spared the principal’s daughter.  Also in a school already banned as unsafe?  Why were they there in first place?”

Nwakaudu N Nnaemeka also said “Chibok story no dey add up”


Osho James-Babatunde for the attackers group told May “May God forgive you May.  If there was any conspiracy , ask your messiah of the last administration and the service chiefs then who bought off your destiny with the stolen billions”


Hmmm! Me ayam tayad, whether na scam o or na truth o, na them sabi. Asiri lovers, wetin una think?


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