These Tins Are Not So Empty Anymore

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A few days ago, a Facebook friend of mine said, “Nigeria has a sex problem.”

This came in the wake of a yeyecious event which occurred in the Big Brother Nigeria house. A certain fellow, Kemen, got fresh with a fellow housemate—a young lady named Tboss, who was asleep as at the time his hand decided to take a foray under her blouse.

As soon as news of his disqualification hit the airwaves, everywhere on social media was agog with the sordid tale. It didn’t take long for the Nigerian audience to be divided into two camps; Camp Guilty and Deserves it vs Not Guilty, Do Not Judge. The former group believed the girl in question was a victim and Kemen was a vile perpetrator with no respect for boundaries, who deserved the punishment he’d received.  The latter cited their grounds for dissent as the following: Tboss had shared a bed with Kemen, allowed him to give her a massage; when she felt his hand, she didn’t jump up and scream and sometime ago, she’d flashed her bosom at the other housemates.

The comments on social media sites ranged from the naïve to the intensely vitriolic. What bothered yours truly, were the number of comments that were so detailed and filled with hate, that one couldn’t help but wonder if their authors had had previous, unamicable dealings with Tboss. These commenters not only shamed her as a victim, but called her vile names and proceeded to paint scenarios of what they would’ve done, if they’d been Kemen.

When I was younger, there was a popular saying, that ‘empty cans make the most noise.’ However, it is now a noticeable phenomenon, that these cans are not so empty anymore. I mean, look at the increase in the number of comments and posts on social media that not only endorse sexual harassment and assault, but spell out processes for men to achieve this vileness. The boy in one of the universities in the West, who spoke in a private group, telling his friends how he’d been raping girls and getting away with it. Then more recently, is a young man in the north, who posted a picture of his cousin, a grown man who looked to be in his thirties, marrying a child who appeared not to be more than twelve years old. In his words, “Once he’s penetrated her in sex, she will cease to be a girl and become a woman.”

Makes the heart sick, to realise that unlike those old days where men and some boys told tall tales about their imaginary sex escapades, today’s boys and men are involved in sexual violence and their beer parlour/internet tales are far from lies.

These empty tins….I hope that someday in the not-so-distant future, the government will prescribe short cautionary jail time for people like this, especially those who share their nonsense on social media.

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