Thief Thief Betty

Biko people weh dey thief post without crediting the writer, what is really their problem? The one weh dey blow my mind na the ones weh go thief personal stories and go as far as changing the names in the stories and replace them with theirs, una sure say they no need psychological evaluation so? If you can go to such lengths of name changing, why can’t you put the writer’s name there? Na from small small thief thief like this, dem go begin carry gun ni??


So a Facebooker cum blogger Patricia Nwanyioma Sparkle posted on her blog, “I remember when I decided to move to Nigeria, I became worried about my mom being lonely. She assured me that all will be well.


So I advised her to go out, have fun, meet people and maybe fall in love. She laughed it off and asked what she needed love for at her age. I told her she needed a companion especially of the opposite sex. Someone to take her out on her dates, talk to and have fun. Thank God she listened to me. She updated her makeup skills (so I think Lol), changed her wardrobe (She always had a good fashion taste), manicure and pedicure. She met this young man at the pharmacy by her place of work, they had a date and hit it off. They are both happy, they both found love. This didn’t come without the gossip, people speculated about how they met, he must be rich, she was after his money  (hoin?! My new favorite word) not every white man is rich ??. What does she need a man for? Someone told her in church, that she was desperate for sex?? She couldn’t find a fellow Nigerian.

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Why am I sharing this? When you get to a certain age especially women, you are expected not to find love, your children are enough, there are things your children can’t give you that a man can. Most people don’t realize how lonely a lot of older women are. It’s selfish to assume they don’t deserve love. It’s okay for an older man to find one “small geh” . We make the mistake of equating love with sex.


He loves my mom, loves everything about her, learning to speak Yoruba and even gave himself a Yoruba name (Olajumoke). Life is short, live for the moment. Just enjoy the beautiful moments.


The human heart, at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return. I pray that everyone looking for love finds the love they deserve.

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May love find You! ❤❤❤”


The post gathered over 2000likes and 500 comments, people got inspired by the post and they shared it like kilode


Na so one Betty Gold, Chairlady association of Plagiarist on Facebook, thief the post, thief everything and said it was her story??


Nwanyioma’s friends haf been trolling her nonstop since, the annoying/pitiable thing be say she go tief this time, tief another person parents and she is getting served from all angle??


Nwanyioma saw it and she posted on her with screenshots of her mum commenting on the said lady’s post(abeg let me see the response, maybe na the pikin I get that I don’t know of, funny people) “So I didn’t want to post this because I thought it might scare my mom. My mom called me to post it so she can claim her lost child ????


So after writing about my mom and stepdad,  this lady posted my story without giving credit to me and also claimed my parent. ????


Iya mi Adeshola Andre I thought I was your only daughter o! You lied to me ???. You have a daughter roaming around on Facebook”


(As in eeh, Facebook missing daughter??)


Mariam Abisola ILes commented “Lmao, love your mom! Maybe the lady wants to adopt your family (instead of the other way around). ???”

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Aishatu Ella John said “I love your mom jare.

Betty Gold you are shameless oh stealing someone’s parents chai”

Vivenne Obioha replied Aisha “You peepu shood pity for her na! Chai!


Somborri that doesn’t have parents can’t steal parents small again?!


Haba! Eez not good o!”

Adegbite Bukola Balkis Shittu commented “This kinda people will copy someone’s else’s exam work with name and matric number sef. You find the post encouraging and want to share, atleast acknowledge the owner of the post and stop claiming someone parents.”

Nina Ndubuisi equally said “See how this Betty Gold has spoilt market for we orphans .. ??”

(Kwakwakwakwakwa… aswear! Market e haf spoil finish?)


And Patricia’s mom sealed it with “You are my only MOROHUNKEJI she is not proud of her mama ,so she wan claim me tell her I know my daughter and she knows me”

(awww, no am not teary, sand sand h-enter my heyez??)


Honestly, someone need to tell all these shameless plagiarists that it’s Olodoish and very silly to thief person post o. Person go make post and una go thiefam, thief personal own join on top. Tueh!??


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