This Facebook Sef (2)

Okay, this is getting too interesting. Told you guys I would serve it HOT once it lands and eet haf landed o

Chi-Chi Nnani has finally said something, I be dey think how she no go answer Charles fa? This drama weh dey start so, dey must complete eet o

She posted this on her wall 5 hours ago “I’m trying to keep my sorta promise not to work on my birthday. I’ve not really been online cos I’ve been travelling.

Had an inbox convo with someone & I said, “I don’t argue with things that have no name, brand, job or direction. I can’t take them seriously because they’re nothing. Such creatures will always be way beneath me, even if I didn’t have a dime to my name.”

She’s still in hysterics; I think I might have given her laughing gas without meaning to.”

***Shots fired! I repeat shots fired! ***

Will Doc Charles make a rejoinder? Oh yes he will, in fact he did…dude Never disappoint

Few minutes ago, he wrote “I will not stoop to your level, and i will not be drawn into an argument with a nonentity, he said, then he went ahead to boast of the three A’s he made in WAEC, the children’s book he wrote at 45, and the egusi he cooked at 15.”


His sarcasm is out of the roof, he even turned “her” to a “he” he wants to confuse us but our aproko spirit no go let am, mbanu

To confirm this was directed to Nnani, one of his friends Adaobi Okolo Paschal commented ‘Charles bikozia nu. Pity “him” ’

If you ask me whether i commented or liked both subs, I wee give you side ‘heyes’ eez nuh me dey wee come and block o.

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One Thought to “This Facebook Sef (2)”

  1. Adaobi Okolo Paschal

    Lol. Well played people, we’ll played

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