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Facebook Facebook Facebook! How many times did i call you? Tiri times abi? Please whatever you do, don’t stop being fun you hear? Hehehehehehe.
Yesterday, controversial Medical cum fitness doctor, Charles Uzor took another controversial Facebooker Chi-chi Nnani to the cleaners on his wall over ccomments she made on one of his posts few days back. Facebook shildren sub without the name of the subee but this Doctor never disappoints
He makes sure he tags whoever he is subbing to his post, whether you like it or not.
He wrote “Dear Chi-chi Nnani, it is my understanding that it is not your fashion to engage lesser mortals like us in an argument on issues that bother on the social and the political. Your reputation as an intelligent, wealthy, accomplished upper – class woman preceded you the day you questioned a young lawyer’s qualifications because she dared to use the disgusting term, “public policy”, to describe the unenforceability of a certain kind of contract.
For the avoidance of doubt, dear Queen of the Real World who has moved so many mountains, I do not recall anyone inviting you to a debate, not to speak of the one that was beneath you. You saw it fit to counter someone else’s views, and you did so by vomiting ad hominems in a disrespectful, disagreeable manner. You asked and I quote, “public policy kwa?”, and sadder still, you have failed to examine your own rusty law books to verify the absurdity of your own behaviour.
I failed out of medical school, made 7 F9s in WAEC, chased errant bus drivers at Obiagu and so much more. Losing is my specialty. Honest people own their flaws. I have owned and patented mine. I think you should own yours too. Don’t jump into arguments on those one – in – a million occasions when facts suddenly mean absolutely nothing to you. Hey, I was wrong. Who said you couldn’t learn a thing or two from earthlings? Just have a godamn laugh. Now tell me the honest truth. How difficult was that? You didn’t lose your social class now, did you?”
Choi! Choi Choi!! Choi!!!
His friends/followers took it up from there as always, those having previous beefs with the person didn’t hesitate to spew their bile, those that are friends with the subee as usual didn’t say pim or like the post in order to avoid earning a spot in the almighty blockville of the person
For the beef team, Foluke Ibiteye commented “Lol. You really give that psycho too much credit”
For the neutral team, Bolaji Yusuf said “ Una know say subber, liker and commenter dey enter block list ni. Just enjoy the sub in peace and waka pass. Especially sub whey carry name.”

Gbam! Shebi I said it? In fact am with the rate subs are flying upandan, I think one should ask before liking or commenting on any posts these days to avoid earning perm spot for wetin no concern you o

Anyways, i wee jejely keep lurking around in the shadows, I wee neither comment nor like/react before they throw me into blockville pit and you know if ayam blocked, my amebo work no go progress fa.

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