This Otobo, sef!

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Tatafo lovers, no time for long intro today. I was absolutely not minding my business on this one. I promised to see this matter to the end and that’s exactly what I am going to do. You see this Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleiman’s matter? O dun mi, men! E taya me!

When the news first broke, I was like: Chi m o! So “men of God” actually have extra-marital urges? Hian! As if adultery is not enough, Miss Stephanie Otobo went ahead to explain in explicit detail the way she was licked…“He licked me from my head to toe and all over my body…especially my feet”

I shim nini?

Dear brethren, we have a licking licker in our midst!

Like every other thing we do in Nigeria, people took sides, with so many “touch not my anointed” warriors fighting for their prophet. Did you see the long “robust reply” the association of pot-bellied G.O’s and prophets wrote to support one of their own?


Go and read it up. A warning though; get ready to be bamboozled with longs of divine scriptures all pointing to “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”. I wonder if Stephanie read that part before “touching”, sorry, licking the man of God.

But like all soups that lose their taste after a while, the “cries” (this should in no way be associated with moans) of Miss Otobo is becoming as disturbing as a mosquito.

First of all, if we are to go by her story, these sexual adventures did not come cheap. She admits to receiving free trips abroad to places like Italy, Naples (not nipples!) and other places she “conveniently” failed to mention. She also admitted to collecting over 7,000 dollars (someone should calculate this for me. I have been in the wrong profession!) at some point and the whole “proceeds” of his 3 day crusade in obodo oyibo.

Of course, we won’t mention the “benefits” Daniella Okeke allegedly got out of all this. Out of all the contestants in this penis pageant, I feel that she is the wisest. What she did is called “Chop and clean mouth”. I mean, what else you expect to get from a married “man of God?” You think he will divorce his wife for you? You think he will marry you?  You got to be joking, girl!

Back to Miss Otobo. She is requesting for 500 million for emotional “damages”.

Se eh, Stephanie Otobo, I have a message for you.

What kind of emotional “damages” are you suing for after you willingly admitted that you were a recipient of his generosity? A man goes to on a 3 day crusade, collects money from his congregants where the prayers points include “this year is my year” and seed-sowing like “die by fire seed’ “husband seed” and “I must hammer seed”? He hands you everything to show his “love” and you want to claim emotional damages of 500million naira?

Nne, I bu onye oshi?

I don’t understand why people who have affairs with married men expect nothing less than a chop and clean mouth session. He promised to marry you? So? Aunty, you no dey see him wife for altar? Aunty Otobo, aren’t you such a greedy little thing? You claim that he gave you a concoction to flush out your pregnancy and you bled for a year?

Nne, na menstruation?

I don’t still understand what the 500 million is for. For sucking you from head to toe?  You didn’t enjoy it and milk it for all it was worth?

This Otobo woman sef!

Nne, it was fine while it lasted. You need to learn how to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. Sahara reporters will continue to milk you because duh?! They need the traffic! But frankly, you don’t have case anywhere. Pastor Suleiman is not ready to divorce his wife even if he wants male children. He has a public image to protect. Releasing his nudes, your sex take tape and private info will not help issues as well.

Admit that the money tree has been cut down.

Be like Daniella. No strings attached. Get a house in Maryland, a Jeep and carry your ikebe for the next “man of God’.

It isn’t so hard is it?


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