Traces of Infidelity: Mike, fronting the DNA issues.

Asiri lovers, facebook shildren still dey on top this DNA matter o. My own na to report am as e dey hot?


So Oga Mike Ikem Umealo has a different opinion to that of most men in this DNA matter and he made it known to all, he wrote “Love and DNA


Any Child born under my roof and bears my name is mine. The only time where DNA should be necessary is where a man who had been in a brief relationship with a woman feels that a child is being imposed on him for financial aims. But for married couples, the requests for DNA simply means “Clear application of distrust.”


With that said, let me state unequivocally, as a father, and a damn good one for that matter, I don’t know if I am a good husband, but I dey try sha. Besides, the question is not for me to answer. Subject to no conditions whatsoever, it takes far more than a biological connection with a child to make a man a child’s father.


A real father, I mean a real father, is the man who forms an enduring, caring, deep and supportive parental relationship with the child AFTER the child is born.


And you come to tell me that my child was swapped at birth or that some biological and physical and chemical mumbo jumbo called DNA should define the intense wave of love that swept over me as my newly born son was pressed to my chest? “Nkita riforo kwa gi nsi” there.  Of course, I understand those fathers who were away when there child was born and probably came home after the child had turned 6 months or even celebrated their first birthday. For them there is no connection. What they want is a DNA that connects them to the child. They want to know if the child carries their own genetic instruction!  That’s ok! But that’s irresponsible too. The only reason to be away when your wife or partner is in the delivery ward and your child is being born is if you are in prison. NOTHING ELSE. Let that stupid job wait.



Like I already hinted above, a good father, may not necessarily be a good husband, but a good husband will always be a good father. Likewise, a good mother, may not necessarily be a good wife, but a good wife will always be a good mother. Therefore, the fact of infidelity should never decide the parentage of a child. A good father should be able to say, take your DNA, give me my child. But a bad father will most certainly also be a bad husband. And it is only a bad father who didn’t nurture his baby that is capable of saying, give me the DNA as evidence, take the child and of course, take the woman too.


We in this part of the world play too much.  Personally, if I don’t trust anyone I sleep with, I would use condom. Otherwise, any product from that relationship is mine as long as the woman says it’s mine and it was born in my house.

But considering that there are men who think differently, especially those who are interested in DNA, I am going to tell you how to know if a child is your biological child and the likelihood of it sharing the same DNA with you or if it is with your next door neighbour (you know the tall one that always greets your wife with smile and addresses you as “sir” even though he is older) or if it’s your pastor or if that man you always send to help look after your family (because you live in Malaysia, Germany, UK or US, you hardly come home and left your wife here) is also helping you in other areas. But that would be in another post later in the day. Let me do school run first. God bless. (MIU, June. 2017).”

The women folks were all over the place chanting and declaring their love and support for the post, one even asked Mike to go chop and drink on her behalf

Another guy declared his agreement with what Mike wrote

The guys were combating it with all the weapons in their Arsenal, as in you can see the obvious painment and frustration from their comments?


One of them, Jimmy Abia weh carry this matter for head since it started like Gala commented “You haven’t said anything new. Most men would want to keep the kids inspite of all. The issue really would be between the woman and the man.”

Marx Ohtugo lamented “You guys are unwittingly supporting infidelity in marriage. Period!!”

Mike replied him “How?  There is no “period” in any intelligent discussion bro!”

Mazi Obi Okoli submitted “Not just infidelity. Adultery.  Look at the statistics of those praising the post. Are you surprised? What a world”

Mike tried clarifying them “Adultery can be avoided. Infidelity is not to be encouraged because if you encourage infidelity,  there is the likelihood that “aga ara nwuye onye ahu.” What this post is focused on is neither the woman nor infidelity. It is focused on the Child and what it means to be a father.  By all means,  I would encourage any man to divorce a cheating wife if he catches her. Same goes for women. But the child?  No.  Any child born under my roof is my child and I will fight to keep that child. That’s the import of the message. And of course we are all entitled to interpret it as it best suits us.”

Mazi Okoli chanted “Kitaa ka ibiara!! These women loving you this morning I do hope they read this comment. Kam biakwa nu Prof Obiaraeri na akpom ??”


Marx tried making Mike see things with him, he said “Mike Ikem Umealo what’s so heard for a husband and wife to discuss the issues of infertility or impotency so as to kniw how to solve the problem. Sperm is being sold officially everywhere, both can agree to do something if the man can’t impregnate his wife for any reason. It’s criminal fir a woman to go outside the marriage to get children without the consent of his husband/wife. How can you ve living a lie at home and think all is well and normal. The right thing to do is to discuss with your husband/wife on a way forward. Don’t decieve him, discuss it!!” (Now how many impotent men would even tell their wifey that they are sterile not to talk of deciding to go borrow sperm? Oriegwu!?)


Other guys with like views came and supported him 


The post pepper Fagbemi Victor Olugbenga so tey he couldn’t hold it back anymore, he vented “This post is probably for whites not Africans!”

Mike jejely educated him “Yes you are right. It is for all those who have the faculty to reason. DNA confirms a possible infidelity,  and paternity of a child. But it does not confirm fatherhood unless we accept that to be a father means to simply give a woman belle!”

Nkenna Amy Onyeukwu asked him “Whites you say? Which culture allows a younger brother or elder one to inherit his late brother’s wife and all that she produced for him? Which culture also allows a widow to go out and get pregnant so the “onu mkpu” ( lineage ) of her late husband won’t close ? That is assuming he couldn’t father his own biological son before he died. Please na we Africans do all pass oo”

Fagbemi wasn’t having any of that, so he fired at Mike “Mike, by not agreeing with your post does not mean i dont have faculty to reason! People have brains to reason whether it suits you or not is another issue. For you DNA is not necessary as long as you love the baby, to some it is necessary……you cant fault their decisions! Whether you like it or not everybody will agree with you on any issue raised by you and that should not warrant insult.”

Mike pacified him “Fagbemi Victor Olugbenga,  my brother far from it. My comment was in response to the part that it is not for Africans,  but  for whites. Of course not directed at your person.  There are certain things White people do today that look so advanced and civilized which we do in Africa but yet call it by a different name. Nkenna Amy Onyeukwu has just mentioned Some of them.”


Other men came and registered their disgust at the post


Some were amazed at how most women were concurring to the post


Me Ayam still having fun at their expense, since dey wan stop. I no fit epp myself mbok ??


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