Traces of Infidelity Pt 2: Women Take lead

Trending: DNA!

Reasons for trending: Naija men are threatening to ask for DNA for their kids and Naija women are daring them to try, they are even educating them on top say no be only them weh be men get monopoly to cheating?


As in right left back front and center na wailing lamenting men and women in ever ready attacking mode, they allegedly brought down a secret group sef on top this matter and so far Naija women are winning?


The thing dey pepper men 10much, sotey Oga Canice joined the wailing lamenting men. He wrote “Dear Married Men,

Go and do a DNA test for your children now.

Don’t postpone it.

Start planning towards it.




I dey vex now.

I mean am.

Real vex.


There is one ogbonge group owned by my good friend Ben Victor.

This group was the best thing to happen to facebook after “inbox” ?


Yesterday,  a man who stays abroad but his wife stayed in Lagos,  wrote to Ben to post on his wall in view of suggestions QBOUT where he can get a good hospital where he could carry out a DNA test for all his kids,  citing suspicion on his wife.


Ben posted the message like he usually does.

Good guy.

Then the main drama happened.


He got a threat inbox message from a strange married woman who apparently opened the facebook account just for the purpose of the threat.

She threatened to kidnap Ben and deal with him so much if her husband sees the post and decides to do a DNA test on their kids.

From her message,  it was clear that her kids does not belong to her husband.

He actually shocked us all in that message by asking Ben if he thinks it is easy for a married woman to stay with one ABUNNA for life.



Well,  after Ben posted her message on his wall,  so many guys and good women in holy anger,  latched out at her and called her unprintable names and then right there on Ben’s wall,




It didn’t end there.


This campaign deeply infuriated almost all the facebook married women who were there reading as the campaign gained momentum.

What did they do?

Read on!


They invaded Ben’s inbox,  this time with their real accounts and cursed the hell out of Ben while promising him that THE HIGH NUMBER OF HOMES WHICH THIS NEW CAMPAIGN ARE GOING TO BREAK WILL COME BACK AT HIM.

Can you guys imagine?


They were mean,  red and ready for the kill.

They now called an emergency meeting inbox within them.

Yes,  they did.

How did I know?


They en mass decided to give the first shot to draw the battle line,  and they proceeded.

Ben Victor’s “Ila otu” facebook group was the target.

That sex educational group that teaches married people and young men and women how they can enjoy their sexual life in marriage.

Great educational group.

They all in their great number.

Yes,  great number of married women.

They reported that group to facebook en mass…

They reported and reported and reported the group,  until facebook finally allowed them to draw the first blood.


Ladies and gentlemen,  Facebook has taken that group down and that is the end of the group.


These women has won battle,  but not the war.

The war rages on.

That is why this post is here.


If you re a married man and you Dey look your wife one kind one kind unto say her way no too clear.

Start today…

I say,  start from now on to start saving for the DNA test of your children.

Stop paying school fees for another man children in ignorance.

It’s time to know the truth.


This is me launching the hashtag



If you re in support of this campaign,



Married women with clear conscience will not be offended by this post at all.


Onye akpana nwa nza aka Na odu…

Oh how I miss my favourite group.

#tearsing ?” (you never start sef, una never see chomtin?)

As the men were wailing, the women were defending, justifying and attacking (only a few were in support)

Missis Somebori vented “Men are evil! Go and look for all the children you rejected while they were still fetuses. Stop looking for where you will do DNA. Stupid men sha.” (????)


Canice asked her “The fetuses in the womb of married women? What are the rejected fetuses doing in the womb of another man’s wife?”

She resorted “What of the children they denied that someone else happily accepted? Rubbish. If i’m married and my kid isn’t my husband’s, if he ever mentions DNA, i’ll kill him.” (Eeh!??)

Canice correctly concluded “This girl,  you have a problem. Are you normal?”

EzeI Henry told Canice “Kill? oga Canice,run for your life o.Na them be this o.”

Missis ranted “Yes oh, i have a mental problem. I will kill the Mr man. Simple. Can’t have someone throwing me and my kids out like trash.” (I suggest you keep ya vagina one place o?)

Canice advised her “When you marry, try not to get pregnant for any lover and hang it on your husband’s neck. Do you understand?

That’s all this post asks for.”

Charles Nedu asked her “Why breach the trust Mr. Man have on you first sweet heart? Let alone throwing you and the kids out like trash?”

She refused to learn o, she rather vented the more “Stop this trash. Its now about married women. Married men that cheat around, what do we do to them? The post is saying men should carry out DNA. Dear women, if he mentions DNA, kill him. Kill him and throw his deceptive dead body for vultures to feast on.” (Nah nehi mba! This one is nuh well o?)


The thing pepper Lgbokwe Obinna too much, he advised her “Close ur legs for christ sake” and she resorted “Obinna, cut your dick for god’s sake.”

When Michael Abisuga asked her “Looool  ??? ..

Mama..  Can you even kill cockroach .. ?” Hanty gave an evil laugh”Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 🙂 no. Thats the thing. I fit no kill am. I’ll pay to do it.” (Nawa o, this one na yaba left get am o?)


They went on and on till they got tired and let her be

 (e reach to leave am abeg, this wan sense don waka away?)


Other team no DNA test vented as well, some even heaped the blame on Abroadians weh dey dump their wives for here go Obodo oyibo?

Some ‘wise’ guys even said they no do before bp go  kee them, the other told Canice he is trying to break families ?


Naija women! Na today I begin fear una o, I raise nyash for una! Una be mama o??


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