Troll’s Account Unmasked by the CBD

BB Naija may have ended but by the looks of it the trolling has not ended, and may never even end. Particularly because trolling seems to be an actual full-time gratifying job for some people.

The CBD just busted one such account dedicated to nothing but trolling and it turned out to be Facebook’s own Katchy Egbelum.
No surprises there though, for a lady who built a facebook group dedicated to gossip (if you missed it read the gist here) it doesn’t come as a surprise when it comes to light that she also has multiple social media accounts on diverse platforms all for following and dropping hateful comments on celebrity pages, but this time she chose to stick with Alex.
Let me break this down so you can comprehend the gravity of this depravity.
She opened not one, not even two or three social media accounts on more than one social media platform and then comes online to use those accounts to troll people.
Just how jobless and spiteful can one person get?
I’m even more surprised that there’s an FBI account dedicated to sniffing out online trolls.

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