Twitter Celeb got caught at her blackmailing rape mongering lies

Women! Women!! How many times were you called? There are alot to be said about you guys and the wahalla una dey cause unnecessary honestly!


Wetin dey provoke me today? Hymar Idibie’s today gave me a shocker today

He vented with screenshots attached “Guys,  guys, guys,


How many times I call una? Be vigilant.


This shocked me to my bones,  I no go lie.


You travel from Berger to Ajah to collect preek.  The bobo give you but obviously e no too like you (you no kuku fine laidat)  . Next thing you bid time then come out to call him out and accuse him of being a rapist.


Hay God.


If not for say the guy get screenshot his social media life would be over.

This bitch is one of those who make things difficult for real victims.  In fact, this days, rape and abuse accusations are being thrown around with the most ridiculous appendages.  Today “e use him preek slap me” tomorrow it will be ” him use him eye knack me 10 rounds”


If na me,  the bitch will answer her papa name for court.  No be my life dem go ruin on top forming bold feminist speaking out.






People don roast the girl taya both on Twitter where the whole brouhaha originated from and on Hymar’s wall



And this is the Twitter account of the girl


This is purely evil honestly, I wish this boy will sue off her lie mud slinging ass!


Triple Tueh fall on her!!!🙄

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