Uncle Flogging Flogger, Wehdone Sah!

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Every Nigerian (at least those who grew up here) has a personal relationship with koboko or cane. When we were growing up, we called it itali. The fear of itali was the beginning of wisdom. When daddy said: Je wote itali… that was the end…Just get ready to cry…As my siblings and I grew older, cane was substituted for “kneel-down-raise-up-your-hands-and-close-your-eyes” before it finally trickled to warning. Now, everyone is independent and there are just some things you leave behind when your children grow older.

Imagine my surprise when I saw on one papa mmadu flogging his fellow papa and mama mmadu. Who flogs an adult?

I know I have repeated this time without number but I will keep repeating it till I get tired. This country just makes me tired every day. If it’s not “Okeke killed Okafor”, it’s “Nkoli stabbed her husband”. What of “Grandpa Abdullah caught pants down with a two year old girl” or “Exposed: The kidnapping kingpin’s hideout”.


I am tired.

The media is almost always filled with bad news. It makes it too easy for me. You all know how I try to mind my business but the spirit will just be calling me…

“Syn, have you seen this…”

What kind of temptation is this?

My dear tatafo lovers, let me tell you what made me upset on this blessed day. The General Manager of Radio Bayelsa, (also known as Glory FM) took real life koboko and flogged four members of his staff.

Did you get what I am saying? Let me repeat it slowly that so that you may fully understand what I am talking about.

An. Adult. Flogged. A. Fellow. Adult. With. Koboko. Because. He. Is. The. Oga. Of. One. Mushroom. Radio. Station.

Nna eh, I weak.

That’s not all. Relax, gist never finish.

One of the victims of the unfortunate incident, Mr. Tonye Yemoleigh is coincidentally the NUJ Chairman in Radio Bayelsa. He alleged on Thursday while addressing those who cared to listen that in Yenagoa, he and three female staff were mercilessly koboko-ed by the General Manager of the Station, Mr. John Idumange.  Hear him: “Four of us, myself and three female staff were flogged by Idumange himself. The report that it was thugs is inaccurate. It was the General Manager himself. The blisters on the skin are more severe for the ladies. We have reported the matter to the Ekeki Police Division and sought medical attention at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa. Workers have been constantly intimidated and threatened for no just cause.”

Na wa o! This Mr. Idumange chop liver o! Na full-blown-red-blooded-male-and-female-adults dem wipe koboko so?

See me see wahala!

In fact, the story was so impossible to believe that they called the Mr. John aside and asked him ”Oboy, wetin happen? We hear say your people say you design their body with wire.  Na true?”

Mr. John was like “Abeg, abeg, abeg…I no get comment that dat kain accusation…”

Dear tatafo lovers, that was how Mr. John declined to comment on the allegation that he caned the four members of staff!

Biko, who does he think he is? The proprietors of Oniranu Nursery and Primary school? Is the radio station a class? When will Nigerian employers learn to draw the line between giving appropriate sanctions and dehumanizing acts?


Let me now give you the Part 3 of the gist. There was one man they did not beat (maybe because his akpu-obi was too much). However, our flogging uncle has been threatening him with sack for the past three months.  After Mr. akpu-obi saw the ‘designs and tattoos’ on the back of his colleagues, he hit his chest King Kong style and cried out in a loud voice:  “Ah!  He threatened me with sack o!  We have been under siege since the General Manager was appointed on December 6, 2016. From one problem to another. We will not takeet! “

Some people really need to take a chill pill and take several seats in Nnamdi Kanu stadium IF it will be constructed. First, it was trekking trekkers. This later metamorphosed into hailing hailers and shortly after, wailing wailers. Somehow our President became the “travelling traveler” and now this uncle is struggling for the Chief Executive Position of Flogging floggers?

What’s next?

Slapping slappers?

Ike gwuru!


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3 Thoughts to “Uncle Flogging Flogger, Wehdone Sah!”

  1. Chukwuma Eze

    Very funny what we hear in this country.

  2. Somy

    This is terrible. We tolerate a lot of rubbish in this nation. Flogging adults? What next? Stripping and making them carry their office desks on their Heads? O di egwu!

  3. Syn

    Infact eh, very disgraceful sontin!

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