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Victoria Regents is a Nigerian brand that brings together unique, superior quality, luxury fashion accessories and decorative pieces for the home, under one roof. The brand recently launched its designs and outfits.

Our Arthur Textil products include throw pillows and mixed medium handbags that combine the timeless class of French tapestry and genuine Italian leather in contemporary designs created in Budapest, Hungary.

Arthur Textil is a bag like no other. Imagery in the tapestry transports you through time to 1930s Paris, whilst the structure of your bag keeps your mood altogether contemporary and universal. Arthur Textil bags evoke uber-chic fun and functionality throughout the exciting range. 

Our African Lily range is the fruit of our partnership with European couple, Giovanni (Italian) and Madeleine (British) Ambrosiano who started African lily in 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya. African Lily bags are made of superior quality calf/cow leather accentuated with handcrafted and rustic appliques sourced entirely in Kenya. Unique earthy tones, contrasting bursts of colour, intricate beading, bone work and luxurious leather tasseling makes you and your bag undeniably, one of the tribe.

Victoria Regents bags stand up to the quality world class brands, but stand out because no one else is wearing them. Our aim is to add glamour and distinction to your lifestyle. When you wear your Victoria Regents bag, you will be a trendsetter.

Welcome to exclusive!

For more information contact

+234 9090006351
Victoria Regents
No. 5 Ajiran Street, Agungi,
Facebook: Victoria Regents
Instagram: Victoria Regents
Twitter: @RegentsVictoria

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