Victor’s Coldstone Story

Do you follow Victor Daniel on Facebook? Read my lips ‘You are missing!’ Na asusu Igbo, ‘I na emiss o’?
Guy is a clown! As in he writes well but mostly in a comic way, his sense of humour is lit! 

So he made a post the other day and it was blown out of proportion. As in people wan just die put on top the matter o

He wrote “We don’t have Coldstone in Kogi State, so went I went to Shoprite in Lagos, and this girl lured me to buy Coldstone Ice-cream for her, I did not know what I was signing up for. We had agreed to meet at shoprite, and she came just as we planned. Took her to the ice-cream stand at KFC I think. You know the normal 650 naira ice-cream. Chic said no. She didn’t like it. She wanted Coldstone. Of Course, after all, ice-cream na ice-cream. Got to Coldstone, cold hearted chic ordered the largest cup. Asked if I wanted some, I said ‘of course! Bring two cups!’ In my mind, 1k per cup = 2k. Something that still fell within the bracket of my budget. Dude finished preparing the ice-cream, passed it forward and cut us our bill. 5300.

Two ice-creams, 5300.

*Wipes internal tears*

I had toasted this girl halfway o, so I had the task to untoast her again.

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‘You know when I said I liked you, I was just after sex’.

I can’t date a girl that will make me buy land at Coldstone. Please I want a girl that will ask for Jolly Juice when we go out, not Coldstone.”

Amanda Chisom reposted it on his wall and vum! H-angry children of bookface pounced on it and tore the guy into pieces, in fact my mouth is still hanging open from what I read??

Nikita Oyakhire commented with a picture of few naira spread on the bed and a middle finger “Stupid boy u can come and have your 2650. Useless stingy Nigerian men.  Fuck broke and stingy guys”

Chinaecherem Okoro replied her “Make sure you return the money for the owner….trust me first bank or wema hardly come on facebook to see this your wanna be Ibadan girl stunt…..smh”

Ugochukwu Bright Ofurum told her “nkita go to victor comment section..the guy yaff finish badly…he call you nkita standing on a pawpaw tree with eczema…but do you have eczema?”

Daniel Cutty also replied her “Nekwa nwa Nkita na effizy! ?

Taa! Gbafuo from here!”

Ifunanya Jennifer Iroh commented “But what is the big deal? I buy myself the biggest cup of coldstone ice cream occasionally. So you basically spent #2650 on Ice cream for a girl & you’re complaining. Too bad. Poverty mentality… Mschwww!”

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Eke Ne dropped her 2cents “Next time date your level. You saw other girls that would be happy with normal ice cream but your eyes were too big.”

Emmanuel Ozioma commented “Didn’t you enjoy your own? We know that at times, most girls takes advantage of a date to eat what they don’t spend their money on, but this case is different. N2650 is not too much to spend on a complete stranger not to talk of someone you want to get along with/something from. It’s not too nice to be stingy sha. If you feel the cost is much, take that of N600 and buy for her, her choice. No force person to chop wetin them no like bro.”

Georgina Patrick commented “Hiaaaaaaan I don’t blame the girl at all o,she wants to lick cold stone ice cream na,i buy cold stone ice cream at 2k,yes its costly but it tastes better mbok,moreover you bought for yourself too, so why sounding as if you bought the world, a beg make I hear word jare”

And Ewelike Mmaduabuchi just finished me for here (I still dey laugh???), be wrote “Bros u fuck up big time, coldstone ice cream or chocolate is very good for sex for both male or female, she only passes a coded information to you that she want good sex from you that why she ask you if you care too.

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The money is the problem but the contents of the product. Sometimes we eat good food for our health not minding the circumstances of it. For me Sir she help you to boost your sexual immune system that you may not know about.

Coldstone is very good to take so is not only when you take a girl out that you can eat good food cos why do you make money that you will not eat.

Please men should stop this rubbish of posting online about what a girl demand in a date please you can’t take a woman for date just keep her in your house go to one aboki shop and buy her coko and fainta and save us this embarrassments everything.”

Comments pass 300plus??????

I just tire for human beings o, biko where our sense of humor waka go? E be like say the sufferings weh dey barber is for this country don carry our humor waka away o

These vexation shildren kept hammering on Victor that owner of the wall, Amanda Chisom had to ask them “You guys know this is a joke right.”

As in eeh, mbok I give up???


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