Vivian’s Subtle Strike on Igbo Men

vivian and the igbo Men

This past weekend na Igbo men bashing  weekend (e don enter the new week even) and the funny thing be say na my Igbo sisters weh start am. First it was Chukwuba Chiluba off shooting Igbo traders, causing a bashing spree of even innocent Igbo men and now Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba wan kee my Igbo brothers too. Una sure say dem go survive this wan so? Well I trust my brothers, theirs na faya by amuma ahead ahead. ‘Tigbuo zogbuo’ till they quench fa?

Vivian wrote “Igbo men have the highest number of spousal abuse. What do you expect when they paid for your “head”. Isn’t that akin to slavery. ” (sweeping generalization shaa but make I kuku shut up before they send me go blockville?)

My Igbo brothers came out with their full fangs defending their honor, asking Vivian to show them from where she got her statistics and why she gave such a sweeping generalizations. Chuks Kennedy Madu while beating his chest declared ”

All these women opening their big mouth to condemn bride price will never leave their homes to be with a man without the bride price paid fully. What most of them do not know is that bride price is the cheapest of the list of rites to be fulfilled before marriage is sealed. As ignorant as they are, they rush to social media empty of truth to talk crap. What they call bride price is in fact rites of consummation in marriage. Go home take the list, read the things in there, ask questions on their meanings and will be surprised at your ignorance.”

Nnaemeka Obiaraeri not hundersatnding what he hanty is saying, asked her “How did you arrive at this conclusion? When did you conduct the research ?” And Vivian replied him “U… Better go o.  This sub is for somebody…”

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Sam Uche Okoro armed with a bagful of queshures asked her “Where did you get this absolutely and shoutingly wrong statistics from????

Plucked from thin air????

It’s like once a girl or her sister or friend runs into murky waters in a males hands, an audacious but ludicrous post will surface” This earned him a sharp sharp response from Luke Chinedu Mmoo “That’s exactly my question. Women would just slap their buttocks and type anything on social media.

The worse part is that she never provided the statistics, and never took correction.” And to this Vivian resorted ” If your mother had reported her own abuse… Maybe we would’ve had some statistics… No one has monopoly  on insults.  Don’t be silly”

Taiwo Olugbenga instead of waka passing like a gentle sombori, decided to go shook mouth for wetin no concern. He commented “And some ignorant folks would start asking about the connection between Bride Price and Domestic violence.

Some Igbo Men spend millions just because they wanna marry a woman and form a home together. What do you expect from a typical Nigerian Man after paying some bountiful sum of money just because he wanna marry you?.” And my Igbo brothers carry am do yeye, he fired back at them shaa?

Nwatah Buchi Paul replied him “Yoruba man, so much interest in Igbo man life.” And he resorted “Nwatah The tribal nitwit. First of his name.

There’s some Akara and Akamu over there, Oya run go chop.”

Jide Paschal Agwadike clothed with over fitted diplomatic character, analyzed ”  May be its only in marriage that people don’t value what the spent so much “purchasing.”

Let’s get it, even expensive phones are handled with extra care let alone an expensive “head.” Tell me something else pls”

The analysis totori Obinna Theo Anyino belle and he hailed him “Jide Paschal Agwadike Nwannem you are one hilarious guy to be honest…

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Analysis gi di egwu…


Taiwo unperturbed chanted “So you could even stoop so low to compare your wives with phones…Chai, Chineke!

And don’t tell me that you’ve never heard a typical Igbo Man who had spent millions to marry his wife made silly statements like; ”I paid some extravagant amount of money to your family, so I’m your head…”

And, is it not Igbo Women that calls their Husbands Sir, Daddy, My Oga, all in the bid to massage their fragile egos…?

Oya, Igbo Men are the most loving and caring Men on the surface of earth. The Best Men one could have as Husband in the whole wide world. They don’t indulge in any ritual money at all…?

Igbo Kwenu!!!”

Jide laughed it off (I know he must be boiling wherever he dey shaa) laughingly educated him “Taiwo!!! ?

You watch too much of African Magic. Primordial prejudices – largely non-existent today – dot every single line of your last response.

But thank you really for the last paragraph (before we start “Kwenu’ing”), I refuse to see it as sarcasm. No o! It can’t be sarcasm. Mba nu, we are in most sense very caring and loving men. Have you encountered the hubby of the lady poster? He is Igbo and Vice-chairman, league of extra-ordinary caring husbands (LEECH – oh oh, I didn’t know the acronym will contradict our purpose ?).

Seriously sir, most of these perceptions are fading. My wife for has never called me “Oga”, “Daddy”. My Mum never called my Dad those let alone my generation. Watch the movies bro, then face reality.

Oga m, Obinna, how we wan do nah? We take a lot from you too?. Oh yeah, Taiwo, here goes another wonderful head-buyer.”

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Obinna obviously having a fun filled day commented “Oh Oh… What happened?

Are we having a moment of silence?

Or pouring some cyber libations to appease the “LEECH” umunna lol

Well I really don’t have anything to say about my friend Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba ‘s opinion on this issue, neither do I think delving into arguments on which men on the planet treat their women the best or the worst is necessary…

I’d rather keep on with the selfless vibe of taking care of the woman I decided to marry several years ago..

Whether she fans my ego to a fierce flame or not is inconsequential…

She knows I’m blessed and I’ve got game too..

I just do my thing like a true Champ from the Land of the Rising Sun and strive to live my life devoid of strife…

Mazi Jide Paschal Agwadike , I reckon you’re doing likewise…


One of my Igbo sisters, Blessing Amarachi Ugwu weh done ‘marry all them Igbo men’ concurred to what Vivian wrote “I can’t say about domestic violence but Igbo men are the most chauvinistic and entitled group of people I’ve ever met in my life. There are very few of them who are normal! ? ? ? ?” Of course , an Igbo aburo Nnaemeka Nwokocha came for her head, he said “You obviously have been married to men of all tribes in order to make this conclusion.” And Amara came down on him hard, she replied him “Of course an Igbo man had to come and disgrace himself. Duh. You think everyone is dumb enough to have to marry a mistake before learning their character? Please!”

My people eeh, the fight weh happen for that post eeh, e pass my power fa. But as usual I don carry my tear tear slipper waka front, na dem go taya?

vivian and the igbo Men

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