Wacked Nation

Asiloverz, have you guys seen this video wakaring about sosha media? It’s eyesore to watch aswear! This country and those leading it na correct barbarians!😒



Facebook popular jingo cum Political activist Charles Ogbu has this to say about it;


“Inspector General of Police

Nigerian Police Force

Nigerian police

Public Police Service Commission

Mike Mbama Okiro (Chairman police service commission )

Can you Senior Police officers please explain to Nigerians why that police man physically assaulting that lady somewhere in Delta state while holding a gun and wearing a uniform bought with tax payers money is yet to be traced and adequately Punished ????????????”


People were cursing every every



One guy come begin send Oga Charley message but he wasn’t having that at all


One Oponu Chairman tried defending rubbish and was tackled



And one Oga anyi decided it’s the appropriate time to take a swipe at Ndi Facebook feminists



Erm, What do you expect from a country with a President is talking/doing anyhow? The politicians performing kukere moves? Abi na the law enforcement pipus we go come expect to do better?


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