Wailers Of Biafra

Turn to the right Biafra/Biafrans, turn to the left Ndi Igbo si Ndi Igbo asina. Its like people achieve multiple orgasms from the mere mention of Biafra, I am sure most of them chant Nnamdi in their dreams??


I don see the bickering taya, it’s even becoming way too annoying sef. You see person weh dey wail cause im papa die, instead of consoling him or her, you are busy lamenting how bad and wicked the papa is. Shebi if the person doze am one better oponu brain resetting slap, you go blame am? That’s exactly what Naija Facebook wailing wailers are doing since that successful Biafran Memorial Day, they will pretend that they are commiserating with Biafrans when in reality, na badbelle dey worry them


One of the wailing wailers, James King posted on his wall ”

I am a disciple of NON-VIOLENT REVOLUTION. I really want to congratulate my Igbo friends.

At last, they now have a leader they’ve all decided to heed and follow.


I also wish the rest of Nigeria will just allow the Igbos to secede without rancour. A referendum is imminent. Its just a matter of time.


Under the UN charter, self determination is a component right of any section of a country as guided by a referendum.


How long will our federal forces continue to maim and kill the Igbos for their decision to leave? It did not work 50 years ago, it will not work today.

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In the past, some years back, as a non-Igbo I asked some valid questions and sought to understand the Biafra struggle, I was rudely shouted down by some Igbo friends. I was attacked. It went down with name-calling and labelling.


Today, in the spirit of forgiveness, non-violence and freedom, it is my desire that the enlightened Igbos among our friends should continue to advise and educate the not-so-well-mannered outspoken ones on more intelligent ways to engage others who may have doubts about your struggles. It will help.


Personally, I never believed in your struggle.  Probably because I was born after the killings of your people in the civil war and the media lies/hatred.


Today, I wish you a peaceful freedom from Nigeria. If its the will of God, it will happen. It may be next year. May be in our generation. May be in the next. I believe Biafra will surely come. Its just a matter of time.


Thank you.”


The trolling vultures weh dey rotate around any Biafra related posts came calling for their meal time, their chief trolling officer Ayegbo Gabriel Olusola carry his ‘ochogonoko’ sef come there begin wail “If igbo successful break away from Nigeria they will break into fractions and maim themselves into annihilation for not all wanted to be separated from Nigeria James believe Mr honestly I am not an igbo but I know what an igbo can do”

This earned him biggie biggie teaching and bashing from my chilless brothers and sisters, Kalu Onyekachi told him “Lets worry about that. As a Biafran married to a yoruba. …no tribe is better so let us worry when we get to our bridge. Thank you”

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Chika Egbogu cajoled him”Smh. And they can never mind their business.  Drinking Panadol for another man’s headache.”


Sly Idoko asked a very important question “Why do some yoruba people always make this comment?” (My brother! The thing reach to ask, even Niger Deltans join!)

Even his fellow bro asked him ” Hello sir I do have a single question to ask ; will any part of Yoruba Land be seceded as a part of the proposed sovereign state of Biafra  ???? If the obvious answer is a No, then what the heck is your problem with Biafra  ???”


Others equally fired him small too

Chief Enabler James of course saw nothing wrong in the hate comment, he just “hmmmd and hahahahad” to the comment (smh?)


Uzoegbu Chinwendu Georgina still refused to let what that hatefilled olusola vomited, so she attacked him “@Olusola thunder will destroy your intestines for your evil thought. I would rather accept humiliation from fellow Igbos than from an illiterate hausa/foolani’s. Do you think, you Yoruba’s are better than Igbos?? Traitor and Hausa/Foolani slave and asslicker like you. May Amadioha never spear you with evil thought.”

Sly Idoko an Igbo brother replied her, “Nne were ya nwayo, you can still respond without anger, that man is not worth the stress.”

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Uzoegbu fired back “Are the yoruba’s better off? He should allow us to deal with our problem, if there is any!!”(as in eeh?)


James Onyeoma Enabler came preaching, ”

Uzoegbu Chinwendu Georginia

This is not right.



Same issue I complained about in the post.

Its important we learn how to engage people.

Curses will not help. Believe me.

Sir Ayegbo Gabriel Olusola may have his reasons. More so he is an elderly person. Let’s watch our words.” And Goodluck Agaezichi threw his hypocrisy to his face ”

Elderly person you say?

Anyway, the Igbo have a saying that “when an elder makes himself rice, children will eat him with dirty fingers”. “(Gbagam! How convenient he found it admonishing Uzoegbu when he can’t extend the same courtesy to the old ‘frail’ mpa that won’t respect himself?) Soon other vultures came calling to join their chief trolling officer Olusola


And when one Tumi Olome, a non-brain came defending the Biafra stance, they came with lack of comprehension weh dey kill Nigerians and tried to confuse themselves but bros corrected and they changed tactics

I no get anything to tell all of una weh no dey use ear hear Biafra matter, make una kpomo head keep carrying the matter for head pass those weh dey agitate for am. Make una kwontinue o, till Amadioha catches una there?


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