The Slayer’s Starter Kit-7 Wardrobe Must-haves for Looking Good

Looking good they say is good business. And quite frankly, I agree. And I’m going to help you out with it because, uhm, I care about your business.


So if you’re new to the slaying game and you don’t have that much money to throw around, be still, we got you covered; here’s a list of just 8 things you need to look good.


  • Shades

Shades are instant badass. Want to gape without getting caught? Put on some shades. Woke up late and your eyes are all puffy and you really don’t have the time for makeup? Put on some shades. Want to go out and not be easily recognized? Put on some shades. And just so we’re clear…shades here mean sunglasses, not a tree or canopy or forest. Just a harmless cute pair of sunglasses.


  • Belts

A belt can lit up any outfit at all, you name it- gowns, tops, jeans etc. And they also bring in the corporate mix into the whole attire. Is the gown too big and almost shapeless? Belt it up. Do you need to look official but not too official? Tuck your top into your jeans and belt it up. Is the top just too bland and boring? Tuck it into your jeans or skirt and belt it up.


Denim is the shiznit of clothes, everybody knows that. Oh, you didn’t know about it? Well, know you do. And here’s another fact-no one can slay all week without wearing denim at least once. So go on out and get yourself a denim-something, denim is so delightful that it comes in anything at all- denim jeans, denim jacket, denim skirt, denim shirt, denim gown, you name it. There’s a denim anything at all- and it is always on point.


  • Footwear- Heels/Shoes/Sandals

Have at least one really good shoe. Probably a heel or just some really nice pair of flat leather shoes. Besides, a lot of people say the first thing they notice about a person is what kind of shoes they have on. Surely you don’t want people thinking you are some broke-ass junkie with a really bad fashion sense the first time they see you. No right? Well then go on and get yourself a pair or some pairs of flats shoes, heels and sandals.


  • Wrist Watch

No, your phone being able to tell the time does not replace the need for a watch. Let me take you back down movie lane in case you have forgotten. Remember how people could tell if the man they are interacting with is really the real deal or just some phoney character looking to scam them? By the watch, the person who..

  1. Facecap

Face caps also bring out the “cool” in you and they cover up for you too. Having a “bad hair day”? Put on a facecap, you want to protect yourself from the sun and still slay? Put on a facecap. Want to wear a uniform without it looking like a uniform? Make everyone else wear the same facecap as you.

  1. Bags

Bags are very convenient fashion artefacts, they help you slay and they are still very functional- they help you carry all your stuff around for you. And if you ever want to wear an outfit and you are faced with the problem of not having the perfect matching pair of shoes all you have to do is wear any shoes at all and take a matching bag along, that way your shoes go with your bag and your outfit stay single. And oh, you still get to look good and coordinated.

  1. Jacket

A jacket is another perfect way to nail the corporate look without putting in too much effort, all you have to do is throw it on over your top and jeans or gown and voila!- you look like you’re on your way to work or some official outing.


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