We are All Goofy In a Way

Who remembers Jerry Chi? The ‘Depressed/Suicide prone people sympathizer’   Do you remember him now? Ok, dude don find wahala and he is getting attacked for it.

He wrote “Tomi Adeyemi, the one with the seven-figure deal with FOX and the Macmillan deal, has not been seen throwing shades, making long posts in support of certain causes while dressing down those who oppose her views, liking comments made by voltrons going to war with her adversaries, or uploading screenshots of corny chats from her inbox. And oh, she’s 23.

I’m just saying.

*gulps an extra four tablets of Prozac to quench the thoughts of broken dreams*”

Hymar Idibie David commented “Finally Jerry succumbs to the cliche he sneers at.

*stiffles yawn*”

Mojisola Omoyemisi Akamo Ekun asked him “And how many of your books have been adapted by FOX?” Hymar replied her “Ask the foolish boy for me mehn” and Jerry Chi resorted “Here, the touchy ones come”. Moji refused to back down, she told him “You didn’t  answer the question.  Instead… you jumped straight to name calling. What does that tell  you about you? I’m glad I never take you  seriously”

Ibe Ikem Immaculate also commented “Dude that was off the hook. It makes just little sense”

Aderonke Enitan Adeyeye also told him “She is Tomi and every other person is every other person.. We are born different definitely we will do things differently and We can’t all make it the same way.” And Valerie Nwachinemelu cajoled him “Hahahahahaha… And Jerry Chi is still on Facebook, just like the rest of us.”

Apparently, some of his friends took their opinions to their wall and shredded him there

One of them, Nwedobong Okon posted “I don’t know which is more stupid…Nigerians in Nigeria comparing Nigerians in Nigeria to a Nigerian in America who just landed a deal with FOX




Nigerians in Nigeria who have never published any article on the lamest newspaper in Nigeria despite their self proclaimed writing prowess comparing Nigerians in Nigeria to a Nigerian in America.

The most stupid thing about some of us Nigerians is the continuous mentality that the success of one is the downfall of many. You might think you make sense when you update that stupid comparative analysis, but quite frankly, I am only able to see a Nigerian who would pull another Nigerian down or hinder another Nigerian from reaching greatness, because they believe that the rise of one is inevitably the downfall of many.

I judge when it is up to me to judge! I live at the seat of the Nigerian presidency in Aso Rock, come and beat me! ?”

And Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan commented “Thank you Jare, Nwedobong OkonI read this post and it brought me great joy. Truly that was one of the dumbest things I read on facebook today. I was like are you kidding me right now? And who is talking please? List your own achievements in that regard please. Any thing? Not even a single one? No? Oh!! I thought so.”

Abeg make una pity am, we all ‘goof’ sometimes (abi wetin una wan make I talk again???)


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