We are Fine, But Our Pictures are Ugly

Shebi the other day I told you people one shikiri observation I made; how it is doing me like Facebookers love quarrel pass food. Mbok I haf add another observation to am, dey loff busy body pass anything. The way we make fun of people here eeh

So one girl like that Ella Moore Queenie posted series of pictures she took with her girlfriend (actually the pictures were nothing to write home about, they were looking scrappy and appeared like they are ‘high’ on something), she tagged the pictures “Happy moment wit bae”

Na so Facebookers took it upon themselves to finish the girls, they cursed them tire

Hassan A Z Cisse commented “omo see ugly face” and the babe replied him “Oponu wtss ur biness,i fine pass u even wit my apolo”

(Donna Apollo she even get and this people are cursing her like this? Smh)

Young OG Markdona commented “@Hassan dis one pass ugly face and guy’s are dating dis things”

Ginika Morris asked her “U get Ebola” and she replied her “yes and u get aids”

Vivian Amaka commented “Which can face be dis one Una don use cream finish Una body???????” and the babe replied “Mumu,cream nd apolo na d same”

Fummy Nawti Berry for the unsolicited advisers association  “Babe a beg delete this pics abeg…m d only one to tell u d truth….those pole telling u…cute pics re just deceiving u….please dear na beg I dey beg” and the babe replied “Am nt moved by dos comment,jst wanna kn ow I can get more likes,jst buyin my way” this made Daniel WF Pompey Jnr to give his unsolicited advice “you go carry likes  go heven you knw well at all you better go see your doc sis”


Teegee Asiegbu commented “Those babes re so fucking more than Ugly”

Soulboss Turelo Paperz MB said ”

These are slay grand mamas lol”

Fummy Nawti Berry decided to ‘upgrade’ her advise to insult and she wrote “Ugly things on point”

Wehdon ma?

Oluwa Richmond lent his own voice too “u tink u are A Lady den postin 2much will hlp u get a b.f. my sis NO. rada evry guy wil wana fuck nd go

sis Calm down

# pepper dem gang

# slay queens

# boss ladies

# queenin crew


(Ana emenu o??)

My people, likes pass 200 and comments pass 500 (of which na insults yafu for there o)

Una see why I talk wetin I talk before? We need a chill pill eziokwum.


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