Shocking: Some Parents Don’t Know This About Social Media

One question – what should parents know about social media?

See enh, there’s a modern age kind of parenting that ‘ayam’ not understanding. The kind that allows a child below fifteen to have an internet-enabled phone, with little or no supervision. I don’t understand it. I am no parent, and I wouldn’t presume to advise any parent on how to be better at what they do. The other day though, I came across something that made me question a parent.

In between work and errands, I usually flip through Instagram and see what’s the latest scandal on Instablog9ja or some other news blogs. As I was doing so a few days ago, I came across one in which a screenshot of a Facebook conversation was shared. Apparently, a father was soliciting the help of people on Instagram to shame a paedophile who’d approached his 11-year-old daughter via Facebook inbox.

The man said,

“I was going through my daughter’s phone and came across a message request from Donald Paninski on Facebook messenger. She had not answered him because she knows she’s not allowed to converse with unknowns, unless I approve. So, I messaged him from her account. Please help me make this guy famous so he will not be able to target another child. #checkyourkidsphones.”

This was the content of the conversation between the man masquerading as his daughter, and the alleged paedophile.

Paedo: “Are you single?”

Dad:    “I’m eleven years old.”

Paedo: “Are you looking for a man?”

Dad: “Never really taught about it.”

Paedo: “What about boyfriend?”

Dad: “I’m not sure. Never had a boyfriend.”

Paedo: “Wow! Do you know what sex is?”

Dad: “Not really. I’ve seen movies.”

Paedo: “What do you think?”

Dad: “About what? I’m only eleven.”

Paedo: “Do you stay up late?”

Dad: “Yeah, after my dad goes to bed.”

Paedo: “Cool. Are you excited sex wise?”

Dad: “I’m not sure. Never had a boyfriend.”

Paedo: “Do you know what foreplay is?”

Dad: “No. Tell me.”

Paedo: “You ready”

Dad: “Sure.”

Paedo: “It’s when a man licks your pussy and sucks your tits.”

This is where my beef began. Facebook has an age limit—children under thirteen aren’t allowed on that app. Yet, a father deemed it fit to let his eleven-year-old daughter use the app, with no supervision whatsoever, except the warning he’d given her. What if she’d deleted the chat? What if she’d been gullible and agreed to meet the man? We’ve seen it happen many times. What in the name of all that’s holy, is she doing on Facebook? Is this father smarter than the founder of the app?

This is how people buy trouble for themselves. In business, there’s something called minimization of foreseeable risks. This man who locks his car and probably has a car alarm. This man who locks his doors before he goes to bed at night. This man who wouldn’t dream of putting money on the street and hope to return and find it again, thought it okay to put his child on the top of the hill that is Facebook and exposed her to danger. Isn’t this what parents should naturally know about social media?

Now he wants us to join him in shaming the man.

Daddy dearest, you’re not a wise man. You’ve exposed that child to unnecessary danger; you should be the one who’s ashamed. Take that girl off social media. There’s nothing on there that she needs for now. Be the parent that you’re meant to be.

My people, what do you say? Should children under fifteen be allowed to have accounts on social media?

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2 Thoughts to “Shocking: Some Parents Don’t Know This About Social Media”

  1. Vivian

    No. Not to me. Totally unneccessary

  2. Aidee

    Atoh! Parents these days want to be friends with their kids and forget they have to parent them also. I remember those days when I & boo used to go to The Palms, Lekki to see movies and we’ll see pre-teens on their own at night by 9pm- no adults around. It was and is still a wondrous something.

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