What’s Nudism? Here’s an Explicit Answer

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Being woke is a full time my people. You have to know about every single movement out there, even the ones some silly hormone driven teenager is thinking to start somewhere in his room in Oyinbo land.
Worry not however, there’s good news. We’re running a woke university right here on Fifietalks and you’ve just been admitted.
Now let’s get on to the woke topic of today- Nudism.

Nudism is fast becoming a modern day trend, and one that if you ask me is not going away anytime soon. And what’s more? More and more people are fast subscribing to this lifestyle and are joining the moving train. Most people are nudists without even knowing that there’s an actual official tag to it.

But then again, as with most trends and ideologies, their actual meanings get corrupted and bastardized over time. To that respect, we are dedicating this piece to the clueless in our midst, the ones who do not have any idea what nudism entails or who have been lead to believe something entirely different.

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Here we go…
Yes, Nudism is a thing, a lifestyle actually. And contrary to erroneous popular belief it does not stem from a sex, a high libido or porn.
Nudism is an ideology, a way of life or better still a life style, it’s a movement with some significant political undertone. This means that for a nudist, a society where he or she can go to the market naked and buy from equally naked sellers is a dream come true. And no, this desire is not tied to some sort of sexual pervasion but rather is about being and wanting to rid yourself of the restrictions that clothes come with.

A real nudist wants to live life naked. Yes you read that right, he or she wants to go to school naked to see naked classmates and naked teachers, go to work naked to work with naked clients and naked colleagues, go to the market naked to buy from naked sellers, and even go to court naked to be judged by a naked jury and judge.
No, I did not make that up, here’s a comprehensive definition from the all- knowing Wikipedia
“Naturism, or nudism, is a cultural and political movement practising, advocating, and defending personal and social nudity, most but not all of which takes place on private property”
And why not?
We checked it out and we found lots of reasonable reasons why people would totally ditch clothes for their follow skin, all day, everywhere.

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• Nudism is a confidence builder:

As earlier stated, nudism is about living life naked. Now if that’s not confidence then I sincerely do not know what is. And the icing on the cake with this one is the part where you not only strip in the comfort and privacy of your room but all in the presence of complete and total strangers. This goes a long way to show that a person is totally accepting of whatever flaws his or her body has. It shows that you love your body, warts, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, nasty scars and all and you are not scared to show it off.

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• Nudism is money saving and headache averting:

While you brain storm on the right fashion combinations to wear, the nudist just takes a bath and off he/she goes to that meeting or hangout. And of course, nudists do not spend so much on expensive labels all in a bid to look posh, they’ve got their skin!

• Nudism is healthy! :

We know you skipped that biology class so you don’t understand how going to the market naked is healthy. Here’s how it works; being bare helps provide your skin with a very important element- Vitamin D

Class ends!
But all dis talk e be like say na for oyinbo land e end oh, even google no get one single picture of a nudist Nigerian. We na action people, if you misbehave your mama go carry you go deliverance!

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