When Doctors battle the gods and come up winning: Obinna versus Amadi Oha

Asiri lovers osugokwanu again o, mbok who is coming with popcorn and groundnut make we take hold body as we dey watch this unfolding drama? My people it went down between Obinna Aligwekwe (una remember am abi? Uk based doctor cum social media political activist weh posted prescriptions of meningitis prophylaxis and one ogbeni came for his head. Chai! Drama na ato ncha!??); and Amadi Oha yesterday (it’s still going on even).

Both were firing at each other with every bazooka in their Arsenal. I am even forced to ask whether them dey beef each other before before cause this one pass me o, hmmm.

Wetin cause quarrel? Na that same Bayelsa gbege o, Obinna posted “It’s obvious some people are happy that Ijaws and Igbos are quarrelling in Bayelsa. For some, it fits into their pre-conceived narrative.

For some, it is an obvious distraction from the consistent hammering this government has been getting.

For some, it’s an opportunity to gloat.

Some were actually hoping the crisis would escalate.

What I don’t understand is an Igbo man who makes statements in derision and mockery of his own people.

Only intellectually deficient bastards (and I mean bastard in the true sense of the word) act that way.

Even if a tragedy proves your narrative right, there is something called DECORUM.

You may think you’re impressing outsiders but they actually see you as very foolish.

Kudos to those who decently called for calm regardless of political divide. You guys are the true MVPs.

Thankfully, no further life was lost after the unfortunate lady.

May her soul rest in peace, and may her murderer face justice.”

From no where, Oga Amadi Oha came with atrailer load of gbege come jam Obinna “Obinna, you remember some of your updates where you only stopped short at calling the Yorubas cowards that they allowed their Oba arrested and taken to Abuja over a crisis that happened between them and the Hausa community in the Southwest? You remember right? If you’ve forgotten, I remember. What do you think you were doing then? Take a look in the mirror bro. Take a good look in the mirror and you will find yourself among all the categories you described above.”

Nurudeen Toba Tiamiyu one of the likers of his comment replied him “We always need to carry mirror about really.”

Amadi Oha seeing he don get people weh dey back am, rapped “He went on and on and on practically inciting the Yorubas against the Hausas. I keep saying that the internet never forgets.”

Adesoji Adebisi hailed him “Amadi Oha : ‘#YourHeadIsOnYourNeck#’! Nurudeen Toba Tiamiyu : Yes we do, but quite a tough ask”

Obinna not knowing where the tsunami waka from come hit am asked “Amadi Oha, please extract one of the said updates where I stopped short of calling Yorubas cowards. My timeline is there for all to see. Please extract the said updates.”

Amadi Oha for im mind don see house epp, sent Obinna on an errand “You know the update. Go down your timeline and extract it yourself. Mind you I didn’t say your called them cowards; I meant you implied it. Your update was nothing short of inciting them against each other.”
Obinna unperturbed still told Amadi “Amadi Oha, SHOW ME THE UPDATE”

Adesoji just dey do like small willy willy winch weh dey no send message chided Obinna “Amadi Oha, SHOW ME THE UPDATE…..”, or else what EXACTLY please, ‘citizen’ Obinna Aligwekwe ? WOW!”

Obinna just do eye like say e no even see am and fired at Amadi “Amadi Oha, I will scour my timeline for that period and extract all the updates. I will post them here. If it is indeed implied any where that Yorubas are cowards, I will make a PUBLIC APOLOGY. But if not, I will be taking you off my list.”

Amadi resorted “Obinna, I’ll be waiting for you. I’ve actually unfollowed you. I merely got here after reading Nolly Okafor share the same update. So being friends with you haven’t benefited me in anyway for you to threaten me with it. But before then, bring up the updates. All of it.”

Adesoji, still doing his willy willy work chanted “Fair enough, ‘citizen’ Obinna Aligwekwe, but remember the place of “…implied….” in the overall scheme of this argument please. It boils down to COMPREHENSION, and the line grows pretty thin here. As regards the “…. I will be taking you off my list…..” bit, should Amadi Oha be ‘quaking in his boots’? I know supposedly SANE people who wish others DEAD! What will you do to such? hmmmmmmmmmmm…… Lest I forget, ‘citizen’ Obinna Aligwekwe, “…..a PUBLIC APOLOGY…..” hardly UNDO the harm where MISINFORMATION is concerned! ‘#TheFirstNarrativeTarries#’. Life is a school too…..”

Obinna ignored him totally and threatened Amadi “Like I said, if in any of the updates I ever implied that Yorubas are cowards, I will make a PUBLIC apology, but if not Amadi Oha will leave my list. I have located ALL THE UPDATES I made concerning this issue.” He went ahead and posted links to those posts Amadi was referring to.
Amadi weh dey act like person weh just wake up, use quarrel baf, went ahead to post this screen shot below;

Adesoji Onye kpurukpuru replied Bombem “NOTHING is “….wrong with this post….” by any stretch of the imagination, ‘citizen’ Bombem Chyke! Nothing at all! wow!” He turned told Amadi “Amadi Oha : I will not labour the point FURTHER at this point. Thanks for pointing this out. Nemesis is picking up pace as we write/speak.”
Obinna was still not having the BS, he fired at Amadi “Amadi Oha, you have not made any point. WHERE DID I CALL OR IMPLY that Yorubas are cowards? Amadi Oha, I called for justice in that post, and how a group of suspects are unfairly treated compared to others. In the present post, I aslo called for justice. You have not made your case. I am keeping my promise. I just want to be convinced by majority that I didnt imply anything.”

Diogu Margaret analyzed the whole thing “Clearly Amadi Oha made of it what he/ she choose to . The post was clearly stating how lopsided “justice” is applied in this country .
I thought i would see a post stating or implying Yorubas are cowards. Early morning drama.”
Hymar in solidarity to Obinna commented “Obinna, stop troubling yourself. Amadi Oha is the same person I took on when he CLEARLY STATED that Charles Ogbu was being paid for his posts. I asked him how e take know to be making such bold statements, e dey blow grammar. The guy thrives on casting aspersions on people as well as blatant lying.”

Instead of this Amadi to go attend to the gods weh he dey bear im name, he still vented “Obinna, you did not just call for justice. People were reportedly arrested. You made a flurry of updates on the incident. But your emphasis on the arrested Oba was to whip up sentiments. It was made in bad faith.

You did NOT factor in if the said Oba committed any crime or offence to warrant his arrest. You didn’t. You never considered that. You didn’t because it will not support the narrative you’re pushing.

To you, as far as you’re concerned, why should a whole Oba be arrested in a Yoruba land while the Fulani Miyetti Allah group, an unrelated issue, is walking free.

If you’re unable to see the motive behind this as incitement and indicting the Yorubas as being cowardly then it’s unfortunate.”

Patrick Ikenna Nwabuisi called him out “Is this actually the post Amadi Oha alluded to that Obinna Aligwekwe made inciting violence??? dude I reckon you re being brutally mischievous here mate…there is absolutely nothing in this post that points towards inciting violence.”

Chike Awuzie sent Amadi to lawma “Amadi Oha has comprehension problem. Obinna’s post was even in favour of the Yoruba. He was talking about the lopsided application ̣of justice in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Adesoji Adebisi is a virus that has pervaded the internet space, he is poison and cancer to all facebook friends who dont reason as warpedly as he does. Obinna, you need to watch Adesoji, closely. He is not a good person at all”

Both of them haf been killing each other since with subs and shades, Obinna kuku blocked hunkle Amadi join make e go rest cause his own don dey 3much buko?
Many people were startled by Amadi and his willy willy Adesoji ‘s attacks and they lent their voice as well…

Me ayaf dusted my Asiri bom bom and wakad away o, eez nuh me Zucker’s hangry pikins wee shock one day?

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  1. Tolu

    Very funny post. I love your style of writing plus I love the picture attached to the post… Very amadi oha like. Lol.

  2. Somtoo

    Egwu di. Grown men fa! To think they are not even normal, ‘O no nkiti e nwe efe’.

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