When Father Rapes Daughter

It’s really a sad world we live in, a very pathetic one at that. Chukwuebuke Oluwatobiloba Kaduna made this post few hours ago “•A girl is raped.

People : Babe you too what did you wear?

A man cheats on his wife

People : Madam why did you too leave yourself unattractive and also fail in your wifely duties?

A man hits his wife

People : Madam what did you do that vexed him?

A man rapes his 10 year old daughter

People: It’s because his wife is not satisfying him sexually!


I didn’t comment on the 10 year old rape case, because I wasn’t going to be civil! I’d have insulted the life out of some people! What the fuck is wrong with us?!.. When will we learn to start taking responsibilities for our actions and inactions?

And the woman is asking if she can go on with the marriage!

She needs mental evaluation!!!

This is madness fa!

Since when did penis become more important than my daughter’s health????

Gosh… Just like how protective I am of my niece, I can’t imagine any man going close to that girl in the name of rape, because I’ll end up in jail and someone is here asking if the marriage can still work out!

So how will she feel sleeping on the same bed and having sex with someone who abused her daughter? Is this issue even debatable?!

If I can’t kill the man with my hands, I’ll hire people!!!! Inukwa!!!!”

Women were relating to the post and a guy out of the blues decided it’s time to school women about fitness after giving birth??

Tim Dabak commented “I’m not excusing his actions…

But why did she let herself get unattractive?

We should all take good care of our bodies and stay in shape.

Make sure you’re blameless before you point fingers.”???

Like wadahell!!!???

Na miss road he be cause no be for Chukwuebuke’s post he suppose go comment that thing

Right now he is being dissected bit by bit and replies to his comment don pass 30?

Uzoamaka Keke Ezeonwurie fes ask am “Are you normal?”

Chukwuebuke reply am “Thanks for this exposure Tim Dabak.. This is how I’m going to get rid of people with this warped reasoning on my list!… Men have pot bellies that compete with that of their wives in pregnancies, how many of these women will be excused if they follow younger sexier boys?????

Chris Nwabueze told him “Receive the clown of the year award.

Even it is still March,I can award that to you for this comment.


Uzoamaka still tell am “When you see as e wear suit you go think say na human being.”

Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan commented :

“What a wowwuuu? Please how attractive was his momma…after she bore him for 9months and this big head of his came popping out of her vagina… I bet not so attractive..ain’t it. Yet she lost all of her groove and her sexiness to birth a son who would come here and hold such useless opinion publicly.

I’m all for looking attractive..All for it 100%. And I’m sure most women are up for it.

So I hope you have enough cash to pay for a trip abroad for your wife, to the best cosmetic doctors for a tummy tuck, a breast lift, stretch​ mark laser treatments and some vagina tightening procedures.

I mean your money talks and your sexy hot wife cat walks. Mr fault.”


Instead of this guy to bow his head in shame and waka away, he still went ahead to defend his comment. He said “Understand a comment before you attack. I clearly stated I’m NOT excusing the guy for his actions.

We must all strive to be the optimal versions of ourselves

Stay in shape and healthy

I’m speaking from a fitness angle people.As for the rest of you that replied, I suggest you go back to the comment and read it again from a fitness perspective. Maybe it’ll make more sense to you then.

Cause now that I read it from your “the woman’s the victim” perspective, I understand your agitation.”

Smh vigorously ?

Who is up let’s go find this guy epp am reset im brain? Do laik this?? ,we wee be doing humanity a huge favour???

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