Who Sabi Canice ?

Abeg who sabi Canice Dim? I heard he is the Chairperson, Feminist Haters Association of Facebook, even Ifeoma Lawal gave this reply to my question when I asked who is he “You don’t know Canice Dim? 

Number one person that hates feminists and feminism with a huge passion.

Miracles happen my sister”???

Victor Ibeh yab am too, he wrote “Now that Uncle Canice Dim has joined the feminist movement l, I’m sure he would renounce his earlier assertions that majority of female feminist are lesbians or…..


Life is really good.

Good things will keeping happening in my lifetime. Ifeoma Lawal come and see ooo”

Mbok wetin Canice do abeg weh dey bring this bigly yabbings come his domot? Oya wait make I tori una small

Canice Dim, feminist/feminism hater, have been making series of posts about Feminism and Male chauvinism. And to the wonderment of most people, the posts are actually in the favour of feminists, what a wonderment!


A male chauvinist is a man who believes in male supremacy over females.

A man who holds that the male gender is superior to the female gender and should therefore should not be treated equally.

This is highly sensitive as we can see.

Permit me to shock you;

There is also a concept called FEMALE CHAUVUNISM.

This also refers to a woman who believes in female supremacy over males.

She holds that the female gender is superior to the male gender and therefore should not be treated equally.

I’m sure most of us never knew that there can be female chauvinists.

Yes there are.

Feminism is attractive in most of its form because anyone who refuses to become a feminist would either find himself in one of this two concepts we re on Now.

A man that does not believe that a woman doing the same work on same working level with him should be paid the same amount as him,  but she should rather be paid less,  is a male chauvinist.

A woman that slaps a man and when the man slaps her back,  she starts ranting on how it was wrong to slap her back because she is a female,  is a FEMALE CHAUVINIST.

A man that believes that he is the husband has the privilege to cheat and that his wife has no such right to cheat,  is a MALE CHAUVUNIST.

A woman that campaigns for her fellow woman just because she is a woman and not because of the woman’s political antecedent and manifesto, is a FEMALE CHAUVUNIST.

A man that tries to win an argument with a female by saying YOU SHOULDN’T BE ARGUING WITH ME,  DONT YOU KNOW YOU RE A WOMAN?,  is a MALE CHAUVINIST .

A rich woman that looks down on guys that are not of same financial class with her and insults them whenever she encounters them,  IS A FEMALE CHAUVINIST.

I can go on and on…

Unless you re a feminist,

You must be one of these above.

Are we together?”

He went further to write another post,

“In some parts of Igbo land,

If a single lady buys a piece of land in her village,

And she happens to marry later,

She will lose possession of the land and

MUST forfeit this her piece of land to her brother(s) or her father.

If she has no brother or her father is late,

Her eldest uncle will take possession of the land.

This is the patriarchal Igbo tradition.

So some parts of Igbo ladies,

If you want to buy a piece of land,

Make sure you buy it outside your hometown.

Only then would you still remain the owner of the land after getting married.

.Feminism is only saying that it shouldn’t be so.

A lady’s piece of land Should remain hers’ even after she gets married, NO MATTER WHERE SHE BUYS IT.


I didn’t become a feminist  in order to have free sex from ladies,

I became a feminist because I have conscience.

What about you?”

Oga wetin happen? Wetin change o? Onye na api orua? I wan know wetin happen o??????

I just hope say e go last o, cause Canice weh we know no…..no be from my mouth e go comot from.

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