Why President Buhari May Never Address the Herdsmen Killings

Why President Buhari may never address the herdsmen killings-www.fifietalks.com

Why President Buhari May Never Address the Herdsmen Killings

Nigeria, the cattle Republic.

Ever heard of Chicken republic? One of the largest chain retail stores in Nigeria; its major recipe is chicken and that is what makes up the bulk of managerial concern. This means the management would do anything to retain its brand as a top chicken dealer. Nigeria may not be any different, except that in this case, the major force is cattle.

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Months ago, the government called IPOB a terrorist group, which ushered in a massive deployment of the army to the south east to go and dance like python. That wasn’t enough, sometime last month the army invaded the homes of some shi’ite Islamic sect members because…because…because, okay, after they blocked the way of Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai who happens to be the chief of army staff.

One would think the Nigerian army has zero tolerance for terrorism or the likes of it. I mean, just see how they’re cutting down every threat to “national security”

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In whatever happens, you do not want to stand in the way of the government. Firstly, they’ll label you a terrorist, and secondly, they’ll hack you down.

This brings us down to my main concern…

Last week Fulani herdsmen were seen butchering indigenes of a village in Benue, after accusing them of stealing part of their cattle, and the government has been playing mute.

Why President Buhari may never address the herdsmen killings-www.fifietalks.com

In simple cases, we find terrorist attacks as such carried out in the most strategic and intelligent manner. Like a hit and run kind of thing, making it difficult to collar the perpetrators. But not in this case, we know the culprits.

We know they are members of the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders and they are not hiding.

They flood the streets of almost every rural center in Nigeria and film threats on our social media

Even a toddler may have seen the name of the association appear a thousand times on T.V

Why is the government not doing anything?

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Are the Miyettians sovereign?

We can decide to form theories on why the government has refused to intervene, but it will never justify the killings. Never!

Firstly, we figured President Muhammadu Buhari is the grand patron of the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders. In case you don’t know, a patron is one who supports an organization with money, gifts or recommendable efforts. In Nigeria, associations mostly need a patron for financial coverage and influence. It is less likely for a patron of an association to be unaware of the operations of that association, let alone decline to give them support.

Secondly, the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders’ association are kinsmen to the President of Nigeria. Miyetti Allah cattle breeders’ association was seen to have been formed somewhere in Daura, Sokoto. Little wonder why Mr. president is the grand patron.

I wouldn’t expect one to turn against his own kinsmen, except he is drunk in reasonability, which is probably the least you’ll expect from the Nigerian government.

Conclusively, the aforementioned cases of perceived terrorism were directed at the government, not the people. Maybe, if the Fulani herdsmen had threatened to lynch a member of the government the military would stand fierce. But hey, its just the people. The government doesn’t have us in mind anyways.

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As long as the threats are not directed at the incumbent government, the military will remain clear.

This is probably a contrived example, but it proves my point…

Days ago, the son of Mr. president fell off a bike and the whole nation began to send in unsolicited prayers like MTN would do to you. Now, people are massacred in Benue and common “I judge against this act” Mr. president did not say. He rather called it a “clash between farmers and herdsmen”.

I can’t even kill a cow and go free, why should hundreds die and the government say nothing?

If this is not a cattle republic, pray tell, what is it, in a country where humans are made to die for cows, and herdsmen determine who deserves to die and who doesn’t?


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  1. Vivian

    Really interesting. Oddly, I am one of those who don’t know our President is Miyetti’s grand patron.

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