Things dey happen for this life o, biggie biggie sturvs even! Una don hear of the woman weh carry 7months pregnancy dey pound fufu? Oya make I knack una tori and the uproar for Facebook weh follow am.

So a Facebooker Chibuike Joseph Chukwudum posted on his wall “So this woman with a 7 month old pregnancy just broke her water where she was POUNDING FUFU. And the husband was in the house!”

Comments and counter posts are flying upandan now, women relating their pregnancy woes, those cursing out men are doing that and those defending men are doing their jobs seriously?

For the relating group, Zee Ibrahim commented “Very sad sad situation!! I hope she is okay.

I was in severe pain bleeding on the floor of our living where I was supposed to pass out the dead three months old baby in my belly because I had gone through 3 evacuations already after miscarriages. The doctor gave me a pill to use at home the fourth time.

My ex hubby sat there watching basketball in the same living room without helping me.

Whoever says God isn’t great or there is no God.. You just don’t know yet..”


For the cursing out group, Ezeaku Ikenna commented “That man is an idiot!”??

And for the defenders group, Edeh Francisca commented “Its All Depend On Understanding,not All Men Are Like That But The Good Ones Are Few;some Men See It That Its A Woman Duty So Can Never Pertake In Doing That. God Help Us The Matter Tire Me”

Even the grammar goddess Temidayo Ahanmisi made a post saying “So Dr. Chukwudum tells of this woman whose water broke at 7 months while she was pounding fufu. He mentioned that her husband was home when it happened.

As expected, the man is being savaged. Nigerian men of course are being savaged because one man means every Nigerian man. Y’all know how we do.

There can only be the single story in our social media narrative when it comes to domestic dynamics.

Husband at home could only mean that husband was lolling around, waiting to be fed because lolling around in the living room, waiting to be fed by slaving wife is what the Nigerian man does as soon as he gets married.

This as Facebook ex-marriage pundits tell it.

The last thing we could ever admit as a society it seems, is the fact that we do not know everything. Our neighbour’s colleague’s sister’s story is parameter enough to tell us just what went down here.

The ex-marriage pundits could be right for all anyone can tell.  The man might be a right old bastard and the woman beleaguered.

All this from a single snapshot of a couple’s life.

FatyRich Yususf however gives this hilarious aside to consider:

“My sister got into labour immediately  after pounding  yam, she stopped everybody from helping her pound because she was angry we ate her groundnut”

Just thought to mention.

Of course, go on with your conclusions. You are right. The man is evil. He made his pregnant wife pound him fufu.”

Investigative group are advising people to investigate fes before commenting/concluding. Doris Maduakor Ann commented “But there is another story to this…I just wish people would not be too quick to comment…Now it has become a hot trend without anyhow finding out what led to what…Too bad we don’t go deep with information because of our quest to label people bad or good….”

Eermm where dey wan investigate go abeg? No be information una give people dem go work with? Dr Chukwudum should comean finish the war weh he take style start o???


In fact una too serious for this Facebook o, even person weh carry the gist land don dey yab those weh carry am for head like gala, he wrote “That escalated too quickly. “Fufu” and “Pound” everywhere. We’ll now come & have a long boring week of #WifeNotFufuPounder ! Hay God! ???

H-angry shildren of Facebook una don see una laive? Hashtag hungry pikins????


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