You Have the Rice to Remain Silent

Shebi de time wen I talk say oga Lai nor get information about Naija culture, una think say I dey play.

According to we culture, if you nor here question wen person ask you, shebi nah to tell am say make e “kwam again fleeze”?.. In fact, our culture talk say wen person nor sabi wetin e go yarn, make e hold hin mouth. Peem, make e nor talk!

Another culture wen we get be say anyhow wen ya mama food be, if dem ask you, talk say na ya mama food sweeet pass. Na why Naija people talk say “monkey nor fine, but e mama like am so”

So make una tell me again, which kind information wen oga Lai go informate CNN about we culture? Abi Jollof rice nor be we culture again? See as the man go fall Naija hand oh! A whole CNN reporter give we own minister osho-free true pass. Simple question: “Which country jollof rice sweet pass?” Simple answer: “NIGERIA” e go jonse!

Nah which kind Yakubu Aiyegbeni problem we go call this one? Nah so we for take win world cup for this jollof argument oh, bros go fall hand. The country wen e kukuma call, dem nor even follow anybody dey drag the jollof world cup. Naija, Ghana, Cameroon, and some other people wey dey make noise ontop the matter since this year, no single one even enter our minister mouth.

E just open him wide mouth finish say na Senegal… Arsenal and Chelsea go play match finish, oga Lai go carry cup dash Enyimba FC. If e no hear the question well, e for just lockup!  Even Richie wen ask the question surprise soteh e come dey give bros excuse say bros get ear problem. But e nor sabi say we sabi oga Lai since teh teh!

Oga lie na liar! Instead wen e go greet “good morning” for morning, e go talk say na good evening. Nor be say e nor sabi time o, nah just say make e nor be say e use him mouth talk true. Wetin I dey wonder since, na weda the man wife sabi cook jollof rice sef… because dat him yeye answer go make sense if the wife nor sabi cook.

Bad as e be, all of us wen think say de argument ontop jollof rice for finish dat night done see say de thing done enta anoda levels. Na to go prepare for round two of the argument as our Minister of information and culture no sabi informate the world about our culture. Baba Ajala kukuma nor gree sack the yeye man, so if anybody see oga Lai, abeg help me tell the man say nor be by face to yarn if nah only opata him get for mouth. Sometimes, e go beta pass make e block question wen e nor sabi with him mirinda right. Just tell Richie next time say you wan enjoy ya mirinda rice to remain silent.

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