Your Nudes for 30k Naira

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My people, I get ogbonge gist, my tatafo spirit no dey gree me rest one bit. Na so I go dey waka upandan for Facebook until I catch something.

Many people missed this gist cause they were busy chanting for/against #wifenotcook and flogging our Akwa ibom bros kemen for disgracing his people on international telly cause of yellow paw paw woman nyash.

Yes o, kemen no even mind say im people comot their hard earned money do Bill board for am. Aswear konji na better bastard; the destroyer of great men.

Erhem, back to my gist

So there is a group on facebook called Tolotolo group, founded by ‘abroadians’ Malay guys, Austria guys, UK, US guys name them. They do different competitions once in a while and winner gets to walk away with 30k

You wan know what the competition(s) is all about abi? See as your ear stand. Lolzzz

Apparently Naija babes get to showcase their unclad assets; by assets i mean Ara, Otu, Ass, all of them fine yori yori things God blessed them with. The one with biggest and freshest asset with most likes of course gets to win the 30k. I know you dey think whether na Usd abi?

Kamdan my fren, na 30k NAIRA O

Because recession is not a word, most of them famz with some of the admins to be able to be declared winner and we all know say bro (s) must be compensated for ‘rigging’ the competition naa.

‘Real Golden Prince’ (Malay guy) is the get to go admin and Bros inbox is filled with sexy hot pictures of fine beebies and some girls even slept with him and some other guys in the group all because…shhhhh, no even think am, hustle na hustle, money na money abeg.

Prince Hollywood(US guy) one of the founders of the group(they call him the CEO), another get to go guy, had a fall out with RGP, his gee and guess what? They begin burst each other bubbles, going back and forth saying all sort of sturvs.

Prince Hollywood kicked out Real Golden Prince off the group and he went ranting about on his wall, threatening to release the nude pictures of girls in his possession

He said “I pray that God cannot give me a son like Hollywood.. I reject it in Jesus name.. You Hollywood can never find peace in this earth since you have time to gossipping my name for nothing sake I am not owning you a cent, we are not from same place…we don’t do business together and you get mind to cast me up and down. I swear with my late father in the grace you can never know peace in this world.. Mark my word today.. There must be serious changing your life’

In another rant, he said “be rest assured I will upload pictures and videos of those girls in that group you value most and I will make sure I tag each person to their respective nudes”

Apparently some of his Facebook friends ain’t having it and they attacked him for trying to shame women that gave him nudes out of trust.

Crystabel kayCee Egege wrote: ‘I thought what happens in a whatsapp or Facebook group stays in the group? What’s this about nude pictures and their threats to release them? Kemen is still trending. We are still interested in his case. So, nobody cares about you and the 30k nudes. Biko carry your madness back to your group joor. Nonsense and missing presidents’

Ouch! Sucker punch and of course it earned her a space in his block ville.

Me, ayam here asking bros to do fast and release it so i get to feast my hinnocent heyes…ogbasakwanum???

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